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Just got our Ragdoll kitten - tell me what I need to know please

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BraveMerida Sun 09-Mar-14 13:12:12

Hi there. Our beautiful 4 month old Ragdoll kitten arrived yesterday and after a few hours of meowing and wondering what's going on, he is settling in fine, eating royal canine dry kitten food and drinking plenty of water. He 's exploring and finding lots of places to hide in and seems to enjoy radio 4.

However, I feel as clueless about looking after him as I did when our firstborn what do I need to know? For example....

Do I just leave the royal canine food and water out for him to help himself as and when?

What is he allowed to eat and not allowed to eat?

Does he need some sort of weaning schedule like babies do?

Apart from the royal canine dry food, can I feed him normal chicken or fish that we cook for ourselves or Sheba cat food? I fear he might get bored of the dry food.

What treats can we give him?

Is it 5 or 6 months that he needs to go and get neutered?

How regularly do I need to take him to the vets?

Etc. etc.

Please help! TIA

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:35:55

I'd try feeding him in two or three seperate meals but I feed a kitten whenever it's hungry because they grow rapidly. Put fresh water down daily but no milk.

You can neuter at 5 months but it depends what your vet prefers really, some like to wait until 6 month. Toms are feisty though so don't worry if he's a big fluffy ball of testosterone.

Take him to the vets for yearly jabs & any injuries he picks up. Has he started his vaccs yet?.

He can't go out until he's neutered & had a course of jabs, that bits really important.

Always get him in at night, it's the worst time for being run over.

They can have plain meats & fish but avoid any of the allium family like lilies & their pollen, chives, onion, garlic & toxins like antifreeze & paracetamol.

Cereal free wet food is fine, mines on aldi tins & the vet always comments on his condition.

Congratulations on your new kitten.

BraveMerida Mon 10-Mar-14 11:35:27

Thanks Fluffy. He is an indoor cat, so won't be putting himself in danger venturing outside. His vacs are up to date, and he is enjoying his food but always wants to know what we are eating...must remember to clear away the cereal bowls in the morning in case he helps himself to the milky left overs.

crazylady2013 Thu 20-Mar-14 20:34:54

Congrats on getting a Ragdoll. They are such loving cats. We have 2 and both are easy to look after. Do keep them indoors as they have no understanding of the dangers of the outdoors. Ours our trained to be on leads/harnesses so we can take them outside with us to eat grass and enjoy the sunshine. Start training them early of you want to do this in the future.
Food wise, mine just eat GoCat (I know it is not the best but they don't eat anything else). We haven't given then any "human food" as we didn't want them stealing from our plates.
We try to groom them but they will only take so much. This is not a problem as their doesn't tangle like other cats can do (ours are long haired).
If there is anything you specifically want to know please ask. Enjoy your new little one.

MinimalistMommi Mon 31-Mar-14 18:22:08

I want a Ragdoll!
How are you getting on * brave*?

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