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I need some furry pics!

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juneybean Sat 22-Feb-14 20:46:21

Someone posted a horrifying article on facebook about a kitten and I stupidly read it. So now I'm feeling sad about cats and am away from home so can't squidge my cats.

Would anyone be so kind as to post some pics of their furry beasts?

Velvetbee Sat 22-Feb-14 20:56:49

Read your post as 'furry breasts'...

juneybean Sat 22-Feb-14 20:57:55

Ooh well that'd be different!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Feb-14 21:22:04

Kitty pic, I don't do furry breast shots for free.

juneybean Sat 22-Feb-14 21:26:10

Ohh thank you! Your cat is beautiful if a little naughty!

God I sound like a feliaphile!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Feb-14 22:13:27

No one else has photobucket? Sparkling has a very pretty cat.

issey6cats Sat 22-Feb-14 22:58:34

there are quite a few furry felines on my profile just click on my name and look for my photos not all of them are permanents some were fosters

juneybean Sun 23-Feb-14 01:10:30

N'awww itty bitty kittens! Makes me just want a kitten to be honest.

Thanks issey!

yolothankgod Sun 23-Feb-14 01:22:50

How about this little cutie

yolothankgod Sun 23-Feb-14 01:50:57

Here is another fluffy kitten

Some more of mine

I'll leave you with this little one

These are just some of my cats grin

Longdistance Sun 23-Feb-14 03:02:18

Have you seen this advert?

BakerStreetSaxRift Sun 23-Feb-14 10:58:38

oh these are all so lovely!

patienceisvirtuous Sun 23-Feb-14 11:02:53

I read it too juneybean and I still feel incredibly sad about it today sad

You can see my little mog in my profile smile

bruffin Sun 23-Feb-14 11:03:24

my cat on my profile

juneybean Sun 23-Feb-14 13:28:43

Ohh thank you! yolo those kittens are too much!

Longdistance that advert is great but makes me want a packet of kittens rather than a packet of biscuits

patience it was horrid! but your catporn is gratefully received!

bruffin Rosie is delightful even with her head in the toilet!


TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 23-Feb-14 13:31:52

This topic should have picture upload facility!!!

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 23-Feb-14 13:33:07

2 of mine are on my profile, juney smile

juneybean Sun 23-Feb-14 13:35:40

Ooo thank you TheOne Minx especially cute!

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 23-Feb-14 14:08:39

Thanks, juney smile

She is still v v v cute, though a bit bigger now

She loves bare feet & rolls around over them, purring, with her eyes closed - she was one of Cailleach's hand-reared kittens & I keep meaning to ask her if she was often barefoot, which would explain it!

I'll try to find you the link to her thread - loads of adorable kitteh pics (& vids) on it

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 23-Feb-14 14:11:05

found it!

bruffin Sun 23-Feb-14 14:20:22

Its her favorite place Juney

timtam23 Sun 23-Feb-14 22:32:15

I have a few pics of my cats on my profile including my little rescued stray kitten (now a big 7 month old hooligan) the picture of him shortly after his arrival (aged 7 weeks) is very cute even though I'm biased grin

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