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The ZombieCats need some help

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IamtheZombie Sun 09-Feb-14 23:54:25

Not surprisingly given the weather over the past couple of months the ZombieCats have been reluctant to spend much time outside. They go out to toilet but that's it.

As a result they aren't wearing down their claws. They steadfastly ignore the 3 scratching posts. Two of them are now 'catching' on one of the carpets when they walk across it. Clearly their claws need trimming.

Zombie doesn't think this is something she should attempt on her own.

So her question is whether she needs to take them to the vet for a trim or whether she should get in a mobile cat/dog groomer to do it at home. She should mention that the ZombieCats absolutlely HATE being put in the cat carriers and being taken to the vet.

Advice please.

Zombie thanks you.

Funnyfoot Sun 09-Feb-14 23:59:39

Hello Zombie & zombie cats.
I would go with the easier option of cat/dog groomer. That way they only have the stress of having their nails clipped instead of cat carrier, transport, waiting in the vets, claw clipping then back in the carrier. smile

Blondieminx Mon 10-Feb-14 00:02:55

Evening Zombie no probably best not to attempt it on your own... are your arms more likely to come off easily?! grin

I've watched the vet do our cat's (pic on profile - she is cute but feisty) and they use a thing like nail clippers to do it. I get them to do hers at the same time as the program anti-flea injection and worming tablet (that way I keep my arms scratch-free!)

If you can get a mobile groomer out to you to do it then that's probably the best option, if you can get someone to recommend somebody who's good? Might be worth asking the vets if there's anyone they could recommend?

catameringue Tue 11-Feb-14 07:43:19

The trick to doing it yourself is bundling them suddenly and unexpectedly into a large towel, and sitting on floor with towel bundle firmly held in lap. Think swaddling. A paw will pop out in a pathetic escape attempt. You need the correct tool for the job, and you've got about 30 seconds per paw before the cat realises whats going on. Don't cut too much off.

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