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How to introduce cat to new kittens in an open-plan house......

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Queenofknickers Thu 09-Jan-14 12:01:07

Hi, I've been on you tube etc and seen all the videos about different rooms, sniffing through doors and so on, which is fine BUT our house is entirely open-plan (yes, yes seemed like a good idea - I blame Kirsty and Phil). The kittens we are getting are about 12 weeks old, rescue kittens but bold, not at all timid, and have been mainly in an indoor pen. They have met other cats at the rescue and been hissed at etc by grumpy old ladies and not phased! Our existing cat is 12 years old and also quite bold. Until a month ago we had her dear brother (PTS cancersad) who very much "babied" her (cleaned her, stuck up for her etc) and she acts younger than her years and centre of universe (which of course she is entitled to do as a cat!).

Any tips for introducing them without separate rooms?????????

issey6cats Thu 09-Jan-14 13:10:30

i would just let them roam and meet the resi cat as and when some people go down the seperate rooms route, i foster for yorkshire cat rescue and just let the foster kittens out when i get them home, yes get a bit of hissing usually from the newbies but it only lasts a couple of days and then they usually settle down and within about 4 days or so i usually find the kittens in the sleeping pile with my big ones, to start with feed the kittens on the other side of the kitchen to the big cat or in the lounge then slowly bring the dishes nearer to each other, and make sure at first that if your older cat isnt overjoyed at the kittens that she can go somewhere on her own to sulk good luck and mumsnet rules are new kits you have to put pics on your profile for us to drool over

BadgersRetreat Thu 09-Jan-14 18:48:13

we brought a 12 wk kitten home to our 8 yr old grumpy cat 2 weeks ago - like you total open plan downstairs....we just had to set him free and hoped for the best blush

Kitten loved her from the off - she hated him with a passion....never heard such snarling. Things were a bit tense for a few days and we had the kitten sleep in the spare room the first night just in case and we kept an eye on them.

slowly things got better - every day the older cat seemed more relaxed and they started playing together.

Caught them lying in her bed together yesterday.

Queenofknickers Fri 10-Jan-14 11:32:09

Thanks for your advice, both - I just want them all to be happy! Great to hear stories where it has been ok despite not following the YouTube hoohaa. Will post pics when they arrive - hoping tomorrow if their tummies are well enough

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