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4 month old kitten has upset tummy. when to worry?

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EustaciaVye Tue 07-Jan-14 08:26:03

kitten has had a couple of days of runny poo. she is still only going 1-2 times a day but it is runny and more smelly.

she was sleepy on sunday but has perked up and is now energetic. she is eating and drinking.

does it sound like a bug which she is slowly getting over?

cozietoesie Tue 07-Jan-14 09:19:09

It might just be that. Has anything changed recently ? Eg has her food changed or has she started going outside or something? Oh - and has she had all her shots yet?

If she's energetic and eating/drinking, I'd see how it works out today and maybe give her something bland to eat like chicken or white fish. Only water to drink of course.

If things haven't stabilized by this evening, I'd be thinking about a little vet visit tomorrow just to make sure of her.

EustaciaVye Tue 07-Jan-14 14:06:43

Thanks cozie. She has had her vaccinations and doesnt go out.

We have had visitors. could stress affect her tummy?

cozietoesie Tue 07-Jan-14 17:13:28

It probably could - or they could have been careless and allowed her to nick something she shouldn't have had to eat. Or brought an infection in on the soles of their shoes etc.

Nothing to be done about those but to give her just a little longer (as she's perky again and still eating and drinking) to see if her innards/immune system will sort it out without help.

How has she been today?

EustaciaVye Wed 08-Jan-14 16:04:25

She seems ok in every way except for slightly runny/smelly poo. That is why I didnt want to rush to the vets.

We have paid out £120 on a guinea pig we had to pts earlier in the week sad

cozietoesie Wed 08-Jan-14 16:06:49

Is her poo still runny and smelly? How often is she going? And have you changed her food recently?

cozietoesie Wed 08-Jan-14 16:15:41


I think I'm starting to wonder whether she's maybe developing a food intolerance - it can happen. What food is she currently on?

I'd also be starting to think about a trip to the vets, I'm afraid, in light of the slightly runny poo. That's now - what - 3 or 4 days? I may possibly be over-cautious in these matters but I don't like to take chances with young 'uns.

EustaciaVye Wed 08-Jan-14 18:26:31

thanks cozie.
she hasnt been since this morning but I will check her evening offering smile

she is a bit of a scavenger and sneaks around to get bigcat's food. She is on Iams kitten dried food. She was on 1 whiskas pouch too but they seemed to make her tummy worse so I stopped them 3 days ago. bigcat is on iams adult dried food.

she has had chicken tonight and was very happy with that.

cozietoesie Wed 08-Jan-14 18:42:48

Chicken should settle things. (Fingers crossed.) And not being allowed to nick Big Cat's food.

Is there any way she could be getting hold of milk? (If she's a thief!)

EustaciaVye Wed 08-Jan-14 18:46:28

Last cat milk was over a week ago. And she hasnt licked our dinner plates blush in about 4 days.

She is currently jumping on bigcat so is def ok in herself.

EustaciaVye Thu 09-Jan-14 07:45:23

The chicken seems to have helped so thank you for the advice

cozietoesie Thu 09-Jan-14 09:57:05

Ah good. Firmer poo?

EustaciaVye Thu 09-Jan-14 11:06:18

Yes. Normal this morning. I will keep a watchful eye in case it is some kind of food intolerance

cozietoesie Thu 09-Jan-14 16:49:34

Excellent. I think I'd steer clear of Whiskas when you reintroduce her to standard food. which you'll have to do because straight chicken isn't nutritionally balanced in the longer term. It could just be coincidence but why tempt fate?

Other posters may have suggestions for suitable nosh.

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