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5 weeks on, will they ever get on or at least tolerate each other

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MrsPresley Tue 24-Dec-13 12:33:15

I got my boy cat 5 weeks ago, and him and girl cat are still hissing and fighting sad

BC bully's her, will sit in her way and not let her in the room, except the bedroom, where she has stood her ground and won't let him in, I now just shut him out of there at night, but I don't really like shutting my girl in I. Case she needs to use the tray/ eat.

They don't fight all the time but at least 3/4 times a day there will be some hissing and each of them has had a least 1 scratched nose, nothing worse though thankfully.

GC used to sit on my knee but won't now because BC has decided he wants to sit beside me all the time, he's really lovely but I feel so sorry for GC.

Even when it comes to playing, he takes over and she just sits and watches now.

Should I just leave them to get on with it and hope they call a truce eventually or is there anything I should be doing?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 24-Dec-13 13:14:48

Is he neutered?

MrsPresley Tue 24-Dec-13 13:23:13

Yes, they both are and are both around 2.5 years old.

Boy has been brought up with his mum so should be used to other cats but my girl isn't used to cats.

He doesn't really attack her as such, it's more not letting her do things and if they get to close to each other then the hissing and sometimes fighting starts.

MrsPresley Tue 24-Dec-13 13:24:32

Forgot to say, they are both indoor cats as well.

Seem to share the 1 tray although both know where the second tray is and will use it occasionally

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 24-Dec-13 16:57:43

Well it sounds likes the dominant cat, you can't make her stand up for herself though.

Perhaps girl cat would be happier as an only cat?

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 25-Dec-13 08:56:14

I've been thinking, play with them separately because if they are house cats that's the only play hunting they can do and it's such a shame if she's not having any fun because boy cat pushes her out.

catameringue Thu 26-Dec-13 13:26:45

I have two girls and a boy, and the girls struggled with the boy cat. 6 months have passed and I think yhey have now found their pecking order. It takes a long time. Things I do but don't know if they help:

Whenever any of them get too cocky I intervene - you can begin to tell when play fighting is equal or one is dominating. My girl cat squeaks when its too much and the boy gets 10 minutes in a room on his own to cool down. I then wear him out with a toy and that seems to remove tension.

I feed them together

I try not to show favouritism. I take it in turns to stroke or pick up each in a random order. I also turf cats off if one is hogging the lap.

Same with games. If one is playing with fishing rod and the other buts in I shoo it away and then play with it after. They have started to understand they must wait their turn.

I have the food in the middle of the room so they can't block each other from it.

I have 6 beds for 3 cats including other places they can nap. A mixture of beds, dog beds and blankets so they can't steal sleep places off each other.

I finally just leave them to it. If the nose scratch was a one off then it sounds like they will work through it.

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