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to everyone working in cat rescue over christmas

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KepekCrumbs Mon 23-Dec-13 20:36:25

Thank you from every cat lover. Hope 2014 is full of neutering, generous donations, responsible owners and rehomed happy kitties.

cozietoesie Mon 23-Dec-13 21:16:05

Hear hear - and I include in the thanks all those board posters and others who are happily shouldering new responsibilities for cats who have more or less turned up on their doorsteps. There seem to have been a good few of those recently.

issey6cats Mon 23-Dec-13 22:14:51

and from those of us who do work in rescue a very happy christmas to everyone who cares about cats wether its working with them, fostering them, finding them and giving them a home, adopting them from rescues, treating them as vets, or just plain loving them for being cats and lets hope 2014 will be better year for all cats xxx

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