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Deafness in female ginger cats?

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TalkinPeace Wed 18-Dec-13 16:32:06

I have just 'acquired' an elderly ginger and white tabby cat.

She appears to be absolutely stone deaf - does not even react to tapping on the floor next to her.
Is this common or should I be looking for other symptoms?

I found her yesterday. She is a large framed cat but weighs under 2.5kg, so there may be issues linked to her starvation as well.
The vet checked her and there was nothing obvious but I am fostering her till her owner comes forward or I have to rehome her (have 2 other cats).

cozietoesie Wed 01-Jan-14 22:37:50

I'd be wondering about her having really bad arthritis simply because (if I recall) you said her tray use was good and that's often where it shows. If anything, I'd be inclined towards some continuing general weakness from starvation and muscle loss allied to wanting to stay downstairs - maybe because she knows you have other cats around and is happiest where she now feels the most confident.

Interesting to see what the vet says when she goes. I wonder how much weight she's put on now?

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 15:57:17

the vet has given me a 2 week prescription of NSAIDs
if they work we will pick a long term strategy when she goes in for her jabs in a fortnight
if they don't we know its not arthritis

the stairs may just be that she used to live in a flat so they do not mean anything to her
the lack of climbing on furniture I do find odd

then again we've had lots of house guests for the last week so quiet corners were few and far between.

She's getting fussy on eating which I take to be a good sign grin

cozietoesie Thu 02-Jan-14 17:26:25

Good luck with her anyway. As a cat who was recently nearly dead, she could have so many things potentially wrong with her (both causing and caused by her recent existence) that I don't think you'll necessarily be able to tell for a little bit.

Let us know how she gets on - and whether she starts coming to lap!

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 18:55:52

A Quick update on Zing ....
she's been on arthritis pills for nine days and has stopped dragging her back toes and can thrash her tail.
Still absolutely no interest in "up" - either furniture or stairs
but happily climbs onto a lap if we sit on the floor.

My current concern is that she wees a lot, tray of Catsan soaked every day
I suspect this is kidneys
which will have been exacerbated by the starvation

she's on wet pouches only - no dry food
but has no pain weeing - hops into the tray lets rip, wanders off

so, a couple of questions

Are the non prescription joint care things worth their money - and please drops not pills ?

And what are the best tactics to manage damaged kidneys?

She's currently asleep on the floor having found the warm bit that has central heating pipes under it smile in sight of the woodburner wink

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 19:11:26

She sounds happy, eh? smile

I've got Seniorboy on NSAIDs for arthritis - a liquid that you add once a day to his food and he's been absolutely fine with those in conjunction with some mild twice daily laxative.

The problem is that NSAIDs (if that's what you're talking about) themselves have the potential for renal damage. Seniorboy's kidneys are holding up at the moment, after a year and a half, and I've taken the view that I'd rather let him have some good months without pain than maybe (but not certainly) a bit longer with sore bones and having poo accidents.

But if she's already got impaired renal function? I think that's a vet one at her probable age. What did her bloods tell you ? (I forget.)

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 19:14:21

not had bloods done yet - thats on next weeks list with the second batch of her kitten boosters (yes really)

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 19:20:29

Quite right - if in doubt, vaccinate.

Maybe wait and see what the bloods say then and discuss with the vet?

(I've been pretty pleased with the effect of the NSAIDs and laxatives on Seniorboy. He has no real pooing and moving difficulties now and is doing pretty well given that he spends a lot of time on his electric blanket. To be expected in this weather, I guess. Costs me a smidge under £40 a month from the vet - together with a face to face consult for him at least every 6 months so that I can order the meds without seeing the vet. (Their prescription policy.))

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 19:33:21

Ah, I must admit with Old Cat I got a £6 prescription from the vet and then got the drugs from PetDrugsOnline - saved loads

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 20:04:32

There's that option of course and with an extra and elderly mouth to feed unexpectedly, it might be a good option for you. I generally don't mind my vet making a little bit of a profit on the meds because it seems to come off the other end - eg I'm rarely charged, or charged the full rate, for a consult and they try to fit Seniorboy in at pretty short notice if he's a bit poorly.

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 21:57:12

I've been using the same vet for 25 years. DD did work experience there
but they admit that the economies of scale do impact on costs
the vet buy in 24 of each pill and pay a manufacturers premium
the websites deal by the thousand
and I'm more than happy to pay the hourly fees

appointments have never been impacted by my choice
its also that the vet knew that if I'd not been an experienced cat owner they would have had the costs / decision after I dropped her off
it was made clear that ANY rescue place would have put her down on the spot because she's so ill

then again had a belter hissing fit (three way) tonight - did them all good!

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 22:16:02

Of course economies of scale will impact on price. I'm not averse to using internet purchases at all because these days, anything that can keep costs for companion animals' treatment down is to be welcomed - so the fact that I use my vet is neither here nor there really.

You're doing a great thing taking the old girl in and loving/treating her when she was so near death. Worst case (if she does have a serious renal problem) she'll have had a happy few sunset months, eh?

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 22:21:38


I'm utterly open with the kids and myself and DH that she will stay with us while she has a quality of life ....
watching her do the "dropped from a plane" look in front of the woodburner this afternoon was wonderful
she purrs, mews and makes no attempt to depart (full catflap access)
and does seem interested in what we are doing

and coped well with DH crashing an RC helicopter into her last night

my toss up is whether to go with my (prescription) instinct is worth it over and above the "supplement" purchases

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 22:37:40

I'd wait and see what the blood results are and discuss with the vet - as they're only a week away. I use supplements myself (albeit guardedly and after much research) and I've got Seniorboy on daily l-lysine for his residual cat flu (again after research because the vet wasn't up on that) but I think much will depend on how her innards are actually doing. The copious peeing doesn't sound great but her attitude to life most certainly does. Has she put on any weight?

TalkinPeace Fri 10-Jan-14 22:43:45

I'd guess another 300g : so another 10% in 10 days
she's a BIG cat
and her shoulders and skull no longer feel sharp

I put a load of pics on FB but I'm hoping she'll get into a sunny patch for an updated pic because she is beautiful

cozietoesie Fri 10-Jan-14 22:47:27

That is good. And also suggests that any renal problems aren't quite as bad as all that. (Only suggests mind you.)

cozietoesie Tue 21-Jan-14 22:26:45

How's she doing, Talkin ?

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