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Moved home, cat gone missing :(

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DrHolmes Tue 29-Oct-13 21:35:59

We moved home and kept him in against his will for two weeks. He was quite hyper during this time. I wasn't sure to keep him in for 2 or 3 weeks but he seemed like he really wanted out so I just opened the window last night and out he popped. I was expecting him to sniff about the front garden and sniff about the back but no... He hopped out, just looked around for a few seconds, ran down our bath to the back of the house where we do have a good size garden but then it also backs on to a very busy road. Me and my partner had watched him at the front then ran to the kitchen which is at the back to see what mishief he was going to get up to. By the time we got to kitchen he was gone! Nowhere to be seen. I went out with treats and shook the bag and he didnt come sad Still not back. What should I do? Do you think he knows where his home is?

rowrowrowtheboat Tue 29-Oct-13 21:41:40

Our cat disappeared up a tree for hours and hours. I am sure others will have better tips, but think positive. Call the cat, and open a tin of tuna (our cats learnt sometimes the treats were shaken and they didn't get much, but they would do anything for a tin of tuna!)

ReluctantBeing Tue 29-Oct-13 21:41:42

When did you let him out? Don't panic yet. Cabin fever will have set in and he probably wanted a leg-stretch.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 29-Oct-13 21:48:46

He'll probably be there in the morning looking all sheepish and accusatory as to why you didn't let him in earlier in the morning. Two weeks should be long enough for him to be imprinted on your new house so hopefully it will be ok.

thecatneuterer Tue 29-Oct-13 21:50:30

It seems very usual for a cat to disappear for a couple of days when they're somewhere new. They go exploring their new territory and then that seems to be it for most of them and they don't tend to venture far after that.

The only worry is that he hasn't got an easy route back in if you haven't got a flap. So make sure you leave food outside the house (front or back, whichever way he went out) during the day to attract him back and so he knows which is his house. (There's no point leaving food out at night as the foxes will eat it)

BikeRunSki Tue 29-Oct-13 21:52:34

Did you move far? Our cat did this and we found him in our old yard.

DrHolmes Tue 29-Oct-13 22:08:42

Well, we moved about 5 miles away from country to a town. The town from where he was rescued from by cats protection actually and then I got him smile

I put some food out but not been touched. My partner said he drove about for a bit tonight and said he saw a black cat a few streets away but it ran away in our house direction and that maybe he was on his way home but no sign yet. He said he couldnt tell if it was ours.

I keep for calling him. Sure our new neighbours think I am crazy!

I don't think tuna will work as I've never really given it to him before. Will try a bitof chicken. I am just hoping that he is just really enjoying having his freedom again. He has been known to disappear for a few days at a time but now we moved I just wanted him to pad about in the garden for a while first. I was really shocked because half the garden is lawn and the other half is tress and bushes and fun stuff to play in,I just assumed he'd go there first sad

DrHolmes Tue 29-Oct-13 22:10:23

Oh.. I let him out about 6pm last night. He had been kept in for 2 weeks.

steppemum Tue 29-Oct-13 22:24:17

I would contact new people at your old address and let them know he is missing, and get them to phone you if they see him

DrHolmes Tue 29-Oct-13 22:29:14

Luckily we moved from my partners parents house so they will certainly know him if he goes back there.

Not sure about letting me know on the other hand as they were upset I took him away!!!

He surely cant have gone back though? I mean its a fair trek and he wont know the way really?!

steppemum Tue 29-Oct-13 22:52:43

Cats do find the way over incredibly long distances back to where they were.

steppemum Wed 30-Oct-13 17:00:19

Has she turned up op?

DrHolmes Wed 30-Oct-13 17:26:06

No sad

rowrowrowtheboat Wed 30-Oct-13 19:50:46

Have you put flyers through the door asking neighbours to check garages and sheds? They will also keep a lookout during the day for you if they know about it.

DrHolmes Fri 01-Nov-13 16:33:15

No I haven't because I don't think he went in to a shed or anything. There is a field behind the next street and it looked like he just jumped over the wall to the busy road then maybe walked along to the field. There are loads of places for him to be right now. Still not homw sad If he is not back tonight I will put flyers through doors tomorrow. Sad.

steppemum Sat 02-Nov-13 07:21:44

I think I would be asking your PIL to look out for him. I think that is where he will turn up.

I am really surprised he went after 2 weeks, so you might just have to accept he lives with PIL.

Have you been along to the field and called him?

One of my cats once disappeared for several months and then reappeared looking thin and unwell, and very relieved to be home. I never knew where she had been, and always wondered if she got driven off in a car and then made her way home.

Putitonthelist Sat 02-Nov-13 12:26:24

Any news OP? I put posters up around our village and flyers through doors. My cat went missing for 5 days and turned up in our garden hungry and dehydrated. Still don't know where she went but was probably locked in somewhere.

My friend's cat went missing and when she did posters/flyers she had calls from 3 different people saying they had fed him and she eventually found him living with a elderly lady round the corner!

Fingers crossed that he is back with you soon.

DrHolmes Sat 02-Nov-13 12:44:44

Still no sign. Have done flyers and looking for him and calling for him. I was sure he'd had come back when it was raining so badly but no sign sad I just really want to know he is not hurt.

Putitonthelist Sat 02-Nov-13 12:49:55

I know. The not knowing is just the worst sad Is he chipped?

cozietoesie Sat 02-Nov-13 12:54:14

Fingers crossed. I think you're maybe mistaken about him not going into a shed or anything. Cats are insatiably curious and this is the time of year when people might well have a shed or outhouse door open for a short while - getting rakes for leaves or something. The overwhelming majority of the cats who go missing on here - and then reappear - turn out to have been shut in somewhere.

Best of luck. Maybe the flyers will generate some activity.

DrHolmes Sat 02-Nov-13 15:09:40

He is chipped but actually its the wrong name on his chip, I never never told the chipping company to update it.. Damn me! But, they do have my phone number so I guess it doesnt matter really.
It is really awful weather here now and me and my partner went out in freezing rain looking but nothing yet sad

When we lived at partners parents house he did run off a couple of times for 4-8 days. But this time I am just so worried as he doesnt know the area at all.

Do you think he will remember the way back if he just ran off quickly and got distracted? Like, will he remember where we live in 10 days time?

rowrowrowtheboat Sat 02-Nov-13 19:31:20

Cats are intelligent, he may find his way back. People will care and will take a lost looking cat who has obviously been up for a few days to the vets. Don't lose hope.

For reassurance, the last time our cat did it, we honed the council to see if any cats had been found roadside. It was a horrible call to make, but they gave me a categorical no, which gave me immense relief. A coup,e of days later he reappeared, hungry but ok. Months later, someone further done the road told me which shed he had reappeared from.

Local vets and pet shops will also put ads out for lost pets, and if insured, your insurance company may be ale to help with advice.

Fingers crossed he comes home soon and won't venture out again so far.

Chesntoots Mon 04-Nov-13 09:25:23

Any news yet?

I came on here a couple of months ago. My new CP cat had disappeared. I had kept him in for a month. Somebody said its common that they go for a long wander when they first move in and after that don't really bother.

Mine came back - about two hours before the flyers arrived from animal search!

Fingers crossed for you.

DrHolmes Mon 04-Nov-13 19:32:15

He came back!!!!!
At 2.30am!!!!
I woke up because a dog we have staying with us made a scratch noise at the door and i just lay there awake trying to decide if the dog surely could need another pee. So just laying there in the silence I heard meows. Opened the window and called him. Silence. Called again. Then an almighty MMEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW!! and he appeared! By jove he was glad to see me!!

He has lost weight, he was absolutely ravenous. I gave him 2 pouches of wet food which he wolfed down. He didnt want water so was glad he had the wet food. He looks all shabby. I am sure he was stuck somewhere so cozie you were right!
I just don't understand why he appeared at 2am and not before :S

He's not usually a cuddly cat but he slept practically on my head all night then followed me around everywhere and is loving getting petted. So sweet.

Thanks for all your words of encouragement xx

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 04-Nov-13 19:35:35

Oh thank god for that. I hate it when one goes missing.

We just need Hiddens to come home now.

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