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Stray cat and no rescue centres will have him, what to do?

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jellycatmouse Wed 16-Oct-13 11:34:01

for about 8 weeks now a cat has been visiting our garden. On his first visit he tried to eat the fish food that was on the wall so we took pity on him and gave him some cat food (we have three cats already). He seemed very, very hungry but we just assumed he was greedy. However, over time he has started to sleep in our garden and he is always around, sitting on the wall and crying. Now that it is getting much colder we are worried about him and want him to go home.

We can't take him in because we already have two 11 year old cats and a 5 month old kitten. Only one of the older cats goes outside, and he hates the new stray cat. They don't fight but our cat appears to be quite scared of him and sometimes won't come in when the stray's there.

The stray cat is not neutered so he is quite smelly and we think he has tics, poor thing. Because he isn't neutered he may well have wandered quite far and lost his way. He really is looking quite dishevelled.

We advertised on a local Facebook page but nothing became of it (one man said he thought it was his and then wouldn't reply to any further messages), so we took him to the vets to see if he had a microchip - he doesn't. So we rang every rescue centre within about 20 miles and everywhere said they couldn't take him.

We opened our shed for him to sleep in but he doesn't go in. There is a steel box sheltered in some bushes that we put there for our cat to go in when it rains and we aren't there to let them in, and the stray cat sometimes adopts that but mostly he just sits on the wall in the rain.

He won't survive the winter but we can't take him in and the rescue centres can't/won't help! Does anyone know what we can do?!

issey6cats Wed 16-Oct-13 12:26:59

i would suggest getting back to the rescues and asking if he can go on any waiting lists and lost and found lists so that at least he has a chance of going into rescue, you could advertise for a home for him at the vets they usually have a notice board, ask all your friends if anyone is willing to take him in till you can rehome him, and if he has ticks please get him some spot on from the vets as ticks will make him very ill and possibly kill him, poor lad and if he is catchable ask your local cats protection about a voucher for getting him neutered at the very least this will make his life better

jellycatmouse Wed 16-Oct-13 12:39:12

Thank you, will do that. I didn't know if spot on would help the tics that he already has but if it will then I'll get some. Forgot to mention that we put him on the found board at the vets. Posters with missing cats on usually get pulled down around here but I think I will try that too. Going to download the RSPCA paper collar today just incase he has got a home.

thecatneuterer Wed 16-Oct-13 14:24:49

what issey said about getting vouchers and getting him neutered. He is very, very unlikely to have an owner (except in the distant past). Unneutered toms are nearly always stray. What normally happens is that people don't them them done in time, they smell a female in heat from literally miles away, go after them and get hopelessly lost and become stray.

So yes, if you can catch him then get him neutered and treated for fleas and ticks, get him on a waiting list for shelters and, in the meantime, can you get some sort of shelter for him? Do you have a garden shed for example? Or something else he could shelter in? If money isn't a problem then you can buy really good cat kennels from Pets at Home and probably all over the internet.

It's good of you to help him.

jellycatmouse Wed 16-Oct-13 14:53:07

He is very friendly and will always come for a fuss, but just hates being put in a box! If I can get him back in to it then will definitely get him neutered. We do have a shed, and a sort of box that we have sheltered from the rain, it's just very cold! The box is always accessible but I will open up the shed again.

Thank you for your replies thanks

thecatneuterer Wed 16-Oct-13 14:57:41

If he's friendly then getting him in a cat carrier should be quite easy. Do it when he's inside the house so there's no escape. Hold him by the scruff of the neck, tightly, and lift him with the other hand, never letting go of the scruff. Introduce him into the carrier BUM FIRST. This is the trick. If you try to put them in head first all hell breaks loose. You will need someone else to hold the carrier still while you do it or put it against a wall.

And in the shed you can put a cardboard box with a hole cut out and blankets inside, it should be quite cosy and much better than being exposed to the elements.

timtam23 Wed 16-Oct-13 21:50:51

The poor poor cat. That's so kind of you to be trying to help him. Is there a chance that if you are able to get him neutered and de-ticked, he may be able to stay with you as an outdoor cat? (or would your own cats still be too unhappy about him?)

I would be a bit wary of putting photos of him on "lost cat" posters or Facebook etc because I've heard of people claiming these poor animals (no need to prove ownership by giving a description, if the picture is already there) & then using them as bait for fighting dogs etc angry

cozietoesie Wed 16-Oct-13 22:05:26


If you're stuck with using the (cold) shed for him, I believe that you can get heated pads and insert pads which can be used outside - ranging in price according to whether they are powered or microwaveable etc.

I haven't used one but other posters may have and might be able to give you a recommendation.

Toughasoldboots Wed 16-Oct-13 22:10:33

You are very kind jelly, thank goodness you are looking out for him. The heated pads sound like a great idea.

HansieMom Thu 17-Oct-13 01:03:22

CatNeuterer, I found your info about stray males very apt for us. One winter a beautiful male showed up, he was five or six months. He was scared of adults. Liked our little GS who named him Rosie. He grew very large after that, 16.5 lbs now.

The next winter, a long haired, matted, male appeared. We named him Scruffy. Same age. We had him shaved down for mats, many tics. He has ear curls, maybe part Maine Coon.

They are inside/outside cats and have a pretty serious dislike for each other.

Funny thing with Scruffy. We managed to get him into a cat sack for another vet trip. As my DH carried him to SUV, the cat struggled, twisting in the sack. We got him into car and he leaped out, rolling across the parking area in the sack. I was PMSL.

HansieMom Thu 17-Oct-13 01:12:10

Online are directions to make cat shelters.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 17-Oct-13 08:50:49

Can you get the ticks out? They must be bad for him?

A hot water bottle rolled in a fleece keeps warm for hours, I use cheap fleeces from asda because I reason he's only going to get fur on them or be sick on them.

I scoop my cat into his box, I take him into the bathroom because its a small room and I take the door off the carrier. The idea is to back puss into a corner so they have to go into the carrier, then push their bottom in with the door, tail permitting, and get them locked in.

jellycatmouse Thu 17-Oct-13 14:14:52

I will definitely take all of this advice on board, thank you everyone smile

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