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Cat + Feliway

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tb Wed 02-Oct-13 12:49:05

We have to take our cat to the vet to have her claws clipped. She doesn't like them being done, and lashes out with teeth and claws. The vet has occasionally worn chain mail gloves to protect himself.

Despite having lost lots of weight - she used to weigh 11 lbs, and is now down to about 5 or 6, and being 19 this month, she's not lost any speed of either reaction or action grin She's a Maine Coon btw.

After she'd peed on the vet's table a couple of times, I got some Feliway, and we took her round for a manicure. She didn't hiss, spit and swear as normal, and the vet was really impressed. Nor did she pee on his table.

So, last night, I armed myself with the clippers and the spray, and sprayed the towel on the cushion next to me. Anyway, she came along, jumped up, took one sniff at the towel and pissed off.

So, we were wondering, if, in her tiny little brain - she's lovely and fluffy (but grows spectacular mats) - she now associates the smell with the clippers.

Has anyone else had the same problem, or is it just coincidence?

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