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do microchipped cats (with a microchip catflap) need collars?

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Lovethesea Mon 30-Sep-13 21:58:10

I don't have collars on mine. Microchip flap and microchipped cats. If injured or badly lost I would expect someone to take them and check for chips as I would with any I found. It's so common now.

They are so finickity about their grooming I imagine a collar is a constant irritation as well as risky for trapping them. And I think bells are cruel, like giving a cat tinnitis.

itsnothingoriginal Mon 30-Sep-13 21:04:45

That's really useful and timely advice thecatneuterer - thanks!

Our (microchipped) kitten is just about to start 'going out' and we were wondering whether to collar or not to collar smile

thecatneuterer Mon 30-Sep-13 12:36:51

We (Celia Hammond's) generally advise against collars as long as cats are chipped. Partly because even the quick release ones can cause injury (my friend's cat was hit by a car and dragged along by his collar - it was a quick release one but he was injured in that second that it took the collar to release. The vet said if it had been a standard collar he would have died, but if he had had no collar at all then he would probably have been uninjured).

But mainly because if a cat gets lost/becomes stray and it has a collar people tend to assume it's fine as it obviously has an owner. The cat with a collar will have to be in a much worse state for people to start to worry about it and take care of it than one without a collar.

MimiSam Mon 30-Sep-13 12:30:06

We got two rescue cats a few weeks ago. Kept them in for 2 weeks, now they are going in and out happily. One has lost 2 collars and tags in less than a week. They were quick release collars, with engraved metal tags with our phone number on - that's £20 down the drain and I can't afford to keep replacing them. Can anyone recommend cheaper alternatives? From another thread on here, it seems many people with microchip catflaps take the view that collars aren't necessary, but I think that if the cats get lost, it is easier for people to look at a tag and give us a quick ring, rather than catch and keep the cat, then take it to a vet for the chip to be read...

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