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How much damage are kittens capable of? (And other stuff!)

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Methe Mon 30-Sep-13 10:20:54

My dh an I are considering getting a kitten. I had a cat as a young child and dh has never had one so we are complete novices. Untill recently we thought we didn't like cats but have been adopted by a local cat (think 6 dinner sid!) so have one part time and have realised we actually quite enjoy their company confused

Dh is concerned about the kitten damaging the house.. Primarily the leather sofa and curtains hmm is this likely?

We both work and at both out of the house at least part of every day. I do 25hrs and he does 40. Kids are 8 and 4 and sensible. What do cats do when their owners are at work?

What do you need for a kitten? Do people who have cats always have litter trays or is that just when they are kittens? It wouldn't be a house cat. How many meals a day do cats need? Our imposter seems to eat non stop!

Lots of questions!

ebaymad Mon 30-Sep-13 21:40:45

We have 2 cats who are about a year old, I was a bit worried about the leather sofa but they haven't touched it or ran up the curtains. They would rather attack my feet while i'm sleeping it seems grin.

Yes to the loo paper shredded though.
They do have an activity centre though which is made up of cat scratch posts and sleeping cushions on it. Keith Lemon called something similar on through the keyhole "a council estate for cats". Cheeky bugger! grin

moonbells Wed 02-Oct-13 09:59:48

argh - yes to loo roll! I have bits of confetti all over the place and we are now putting the rolls up on shelves rather than on the holders or Moonkitten andrexes it all over the place... stuff andrex puppies - they should have gone for kittens!

He also loves net curtains. Disaster! I see replacing them in my future.

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