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Rehoming our first cats next week - lots of questions!

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We will be bringing home two cats from the local rescue in a week's time, these are our first cats (first pets in fact) and we are very excited but feeling a bit nervous. The two cats are a pair of one year old females that have lived together all their lives, they were draped all over each other in the rescue enclosure, so are obviously close. We are finding, just as with the children, everyone you ask gives a different answer about things!

So, first of all we need to go shopping. On our list are:

Cat carriers - any particular type better than others? Any to avoid?
Litter trays - do they need one each?
Bowls - ditto
Beds or blankets etc - ditto
Toys and scratching posts
Mat for under bowls
Litter and food - will go with the rescue recommendations

Is there anything else needed at first?

Secondly - are there things we need to consider to make the house safe for them, as with babies? We will be using an upstairs bedroom as their initial home, it has a lot of toys and wardrobes in. Our DCs are 7 and 9 so we are past the stage of babyproofing, but do we need to keep anything out of their way?

I'm sure I will think of more questions!

WhoKnowsWhereTheBonnetsGo Sun 13-Oct-13 07:11:40

They're doing really well, getting more and more confident every day. They abandoned the spare room apart from as a feeding station and toilet within 24 hours and have adopted a box of hand me down school uniform under our bed as their bolthole/bed. Although they are still a bit jumpy, especially round the DCs, generally they seem very relaxed.

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