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Best hard cat food?

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Italiangreyhound Wed 21-Aug-13 21:38:35

Vet suggested our 4 and a half month old ginger tom should have hard cat food for his teeth. He does seem to prefer hard to soft but not the Iams one that I got (at great expense!). Who can recommend a brand that is tasty and nutricious. We have Tesco and sainsburies close by but I prefer to shop at Sainsburies. Does he still need kitten food?

Italiangreyhound Thu 12-Sep-13 22:07:41

I had the Iams kitten would I could only see one kid, purple pack.

Ponders Thu 12-Sep-13 22:18:02

my cats get Royal Canin Vet Diet Neutered Female biscuits & always scoff the lot - when I first got them I tried eg Iams & James Wellbeloved but they didn't like either

at one of their early vet visits she put a couple of RC kitten bics on the table as a distraction, & they clearly found them very attractive, so since then they've had no other bics. (I get the 10kg bags online - they're a bit huge & awkward to store but much cheaper)

they also eat wet food from Bozita & various other foreign makes (from zooplus) - Cosma, Animonda Rafiné Soupé, Smilla etc

they are both dazzlingly glossy & healthy-looking smile

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