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Poorly cat?

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thornrose Wed 21-Aug-13 12:17:18

My next door neighbour's car just did a poo in my garden. I went to cover it with soil and noticed there was a lot of bright red blood in it?

I'm guessing this isnt't normal?

Should I tell my neighbour, I don't want her to think it's a sneaky dig about it pooing in my garden.

fackinell Wed 21-Aug-13 12:25:55

Yes!! There is no issue with trying to cover it over so nobody steps in it. Cat needs to be checked over. Mine don't use a tray any more so I don't see their poos. I would want to know.

cozietoesie Wed 21-Aug-13 12:46:31

Tell her directly.

And yes - it's not normal. It could be a symptom of one of several problems and the owner would wish to seek vet advice. (And she may be able to tie that in with other symptoms that you don't know but the cat is demonstrating inside her house.)

I'd absolutely want to know.

thornrose Wed 21-Aug-13 13:44:00

Ok thanks, I'll catch her when she comes in from work.

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