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Looks like we're going to lose my lovely old girl :-(

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Doodledumdums Mon 12-Aug-13 00:06:21

Feeling really sad today as my lovely tabby and white beautiful fluffy 17 year old cat is likely to be PTS tomorrow sad

She was fine until Thursday, but on Friday morning she was really lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink all day, so we took her to the vets at 4pm and she's been there ever since. she's got a raging temperature of over 40 degrees, and is in pain but the vet can't figure out exactly what the problem is. If there is no improvement tomorrow and they haven't figured out what is wrong (she's having an x-ray and a scan in the morning) then I think we may have to let her go. It isn't fair for us to let her suffer, especially given her age. She's suffering and is so poorly now. I went to see her today and she just looks tired and sad, and I can't bare it.

I was only nine when we got her, and she was such a cute ball of fluff. She has outlived so many of my childhood pets, and has been so lovely and tolerant of all of them. I don't even live with her anymore as she lives with my parents and I am now married with my own family, but she's still my cat and is always so pleased to see me when I go home, even though she probably hasn't forgiven me for being the annoying 9 year old who carted her around the house like a doll when she was little!

I don't want to lose her, she's like a living piece of my childhood and my parents house wont be the same without her, she has just always been around and I will miss her. I don't even think we have any nice photos sad

Doodledumdums Sat 17-Aug-13 11:13:45

True, I just wish they didn't go hand in hand!

crazynanna Sat 17-Aug-13 11:17:32

So very sorry doodles sad

Take your time and be kind to yourself x

Doodledumdums Sat 17-Aug-13 14:41:55

Thanks crazy smile

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