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Feeling guilty about wanting a pedigree cat. Any advice?

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FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 21:50:09

I have wanted to get a kitten/cat as a family pet for a long time but only recently been able to do so.

I decided I would get a litter pair from a rescue shelter. I've been looking at a few locally and reading their adoption rules. This has ruled out some places but I have been keeping my eye on the kittens/cats they have available.

However, I have also been googling a lot on cars and kittens and came across an advert for the most beautiful BSH kitten not too far from us. I've areanged to go and see it soon. I know I will fall in love with it and probably buy it.

I feel so guilty for this sad. There are hundreds of cats languishing in shelters across the country and I could have provided a good home to two but instead I'm buying a kitten from a breeder.

Should I cancel going to see the kitten and go ahead with my plan to adopt? Or is it ok to want a pedigree? I won't be breeding from it either, will have the cat neutered as soon as it's old enough.

InGloriousTechnicolor Wed 31-Jul-13 23:36:26

I really believe in getting cats from rescue centres. My boy cat is from the RSPCA and he is such an amazing character, and I feel it makes it a bit more special that I 'rescued' him (even though he would probably have been snapped up because he is handsome and friendly). But blimey, they don't make it easy for people to adopt cats, do they? All these restrictions about roads etc. I think it's very unrealistic. Any cat can get run over or have an accident. As long as it's adopted into a loving and caring home, what's the difference?

I suspect that if you went to a rescue centre (if you could find one that would actually let you adopt hmm ) you would fall in love with a cat as soon as you met it. That's what happened to us.

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:37:59

There were other shelters that had equally strict rules but they vary. Do you think it might be worth enquiring anyway about the kitten? They can only say no?

Oh no issey! I've just looked at the fb page and seems I've missed out on a few grey cats sad. That little one that was in the news! So cute! I know I'm being fickle but any cat we get will be loved so so much smile.

Ok, so I'm going off the idea of this pedigree. How do I cancel? I keep looking at the photo and it is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen - gorgeous markings - and the breeder says she is really affectionate and friendly sad.

WetAugust Wed 31-Jul-13 23:41:43

120 metres from a bus route? Well that's about 3,000 households on my quiet residential estate with a bus route running through it ruled out then.
Crazy rule.

Rented ban I do agree with having just taken on a lovely rabbit who's had to be rehomed when his owners moved rentals. It must have broken their hearts to have to have given him up (and his too).

Daftest rule I've seen is about rabbits having permanent access to outdoor run. In my area they would last one evening before the fox got them. The rabbits get safely locked in their hutches at night and brought out each morning to their runs. The other daft rule is no double-decker hutches. My buns love being upstairs in their hutches. If you could see my big bun leaping on and off the patio table you wouldn't worry about him managing a tiny ramp in a double decker hutch.

I rang our local RSCPA 3 weeks ago to see about adopting 2 kittens. I got an answermachine. Press 1 to report cruelty, Press 2 to make a donation Press 3 to discuss work experience Press 4 for non-urgent queries.

I concluded that "Do you have any kittens" fell into the Press 4 category. Pressed 4 and was told "Please contact us by email with your non-urgent enquiry". Line went dead. I went elsewhere. What made me really angry was that this same RSPCA kennels/cattery is not taking on volunteers as it has too many - well it doesn't have enough to man the bloody phones!

issey6cats Wed 31-Jul-13 23:44:59

fleur she is adorable and is reserved, i was playing with her last friday as they have 4 orphans around the same age in the house at the moment and being as the weather was good last friday they were allowed on the lawn for a bit of play, the thing with the pedigree one is if you cancel she will have other people interested if shes a good breeder she should have a waiting list of people for her kittens,

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:45:14

wetaugust my DSis tried to adopt a rabbit from the RSPCA but they wouldn't allow it due to the run thing sad. It seems crazy that they would put these rules in place when there are cats waiting to be PTS. Surely someone like myself, who may not meet their rules, but would provide a secure and loving home, is preferable? confused.

WetAugust Wed 31-Jul-13 23:45:39

I know what people mean about wanting certain colours. I felt as though I had done my bit (suffered enough) for the tortoiseshells of this world and really wanted my next cat to be black and white. But it's difficult to say that.

I agreed to take 2 female litter mates and when I went to see them luckily 1 was black and white - and the other is a dreaded tortoisehell - but she is absolutely gorgeous and very sociable (unlike the last 2 torties I loved to bits anyway).

FunnysInLaJardin Wed 31-Jul-13 23:45:43

IME pedigree cats are a PITA. We now have 2 farm cats and have had them for 7 years. They wander here and there, catch a lot of their own food in the summer and are very good company. Go for a moggie, much better value and no vets bills to date!

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:47:30

I realise that if I don't reserve this kitten when I see it, it will go to someone else but then like thecat said, I am buying into a practice I disagree with sad. She is a beautiful kitten but then so are your everyday moggies and I could prevent two from being PTS? I don't know, I'm struggling with this.

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:49:14

I think I might call the place with the cream moggy and see if they will bend the rules for us although I doubt it.

JakeBullet Wed 31-Jul-13 23:50:47

WetAugust, I just read your post out to my Naughty Tortie....she was appalled grin

OP if you really like BSH cats then take a look at the BSH sites around. Sometimes rescues do come up on these sites.

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:53:31

That's the thing jake, I like the breed but I'm not that fussed in truth. It's just this kitten. I've never seen a kitten with such beautiful markings. It sounds similar actually to issey's Siamese cross. It has really pale chocolate tabby markings but is mostly cream.

WetAugust Wed 31-Jul-13 23:53:53

The run thing is simply wrong. There is no way you can attach a fox proof run to an open hutch. A fox is a strong animal and would either dig in or rip the structure. The rabbits would be terrified. The only way my big bun survived a fox attack was by running up the ramp of his (unapproved by the RSPCA) hutch and hiding in his bedroom area where the fox couldn't get him.

There is also a 6ft wide hutch rule for even individual rabbits. There are very few 6ft hutches on the market most are 5ft max. Mine are only in their hutch overnight so with a double decker they have 10ft overall.

Since having these kittens I realise that I've been doing it all wrong for that last 32 years that I've been keeping cats. I used to be told never feed a dry food only diet as the biscuit swells in their stomachs and they'll get kidney failure. So I've always fed wet food. With the kittens comes the instruction and vet advice to feed only dry as it's better for their teeth!

And then we have the do they go out or stay in at night..........

WetAugust Wed 31-Jul-13 23:56:34

Jake - I loved all my torties really wink

FuckNugget - don't beat yourself up. Look at it as doing your bit towards maintaining diversification. If no one bought the pedigrees all we would have would be mogs like my 2. grin
<awaits flaming>

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:56:54

Ooh, I've got all that to come wetaugust. Alot of breeders, I have noticed, recommend that their BSHs are kept indoors but don't know how I feel about that :/

FuckNugget Wed 31-Jul-13 23:59:00

I know it's not the perfect solution, but maybe getting a rescue as well as the bsh would be a good compromise? I'll take the ugliest, hardest to home kitten in the shelter to even things out grin.

(I'm joking before anyone flames me grin)

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 31-Jul-13 23:59:33

As a multi scarred BSH owner I will never have another. My moggies have been beautiful delightful cats. I have had two BSH both male one rescue and one from kitten they have been some of the meanest cats I have ever meet - I know not the case with most BSH. But it seems the mean ones are really mean they will solicit attention and then suddenly turn and bite hard.
Just wanted to let you know they are not all cats with lovely personalities. The current one is so mean I don't let other people's children near him!

WetAugust Thu 01-Aug-13 00:00:36

Nooooo! FuckNugget. That is one rule that I can't go along with at all. Cats need their freedom. If you want an indoor pet get a house bunny. My latest adopted bun was a house bunny and he's not very happy at being outdoors in a hutch. He stands by the kitchen door hoping we'll let him in. If we do he lies in the middle of the living room and watches TV grin

No - you cannot keep a cat indoors. If you do I shall have to call you a shallow person that judges things by their appearance. There - that told you grin

Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 01-Aug-13 00:01:23

Please, please rescue a cat. We've just taken in a black 9 month old
Tom. He's so lovely and needed a forever home.

issey6cats Thu 01-Aug-13 00:03:20

if you look on my pics there are my cats and some of the kittens i have fostered for yorkshire cat rescue and the hardest kitten to take back to the center was the black one on top of the scratching post, korki was a darling

FuckNugget Thu 01-Aug-13 00:03:35

Oh gosh, really lone? That does put me off somewhat! When I was young, a local farmer turned up with two feral kittens asking if we wanted them as he was going to drown them sad. Of course we said yes. One turned out to be the most lovely natured friendly cat, the other was a menace (tortie as well wink) so I guess it's luck of the draw? I'd hate to be lumbered with a vicious cat though!

WetAugust Thu 01-Aug-13 00:04:18

Both my torties were like that Lone - vicious little sods. They'd accept affection on their terms. If they sat on your lap, as soon as you made the slightest movement they'd hiss, scratch and bite. Next minute they'd be purring at you . Mental behaviour. I'm hoping new tortie kitten will stay 'friendly'.

Toughasoldboots Thu 01-Aug-13 00:06:06

I always rescue the black cats as they are really hard to re-home. It makes me happy to get the ugly misfits.

FuckNugget Thu 01-Aug-13 00:08:56

wetaugust, I don't think I could coup the cat up all day no matter what the breeder said. But I must say, you are a good judge of character grin. I don't know why I care so much about having a 'pretty' cat. Lord knows my stbexh is ugly as sin and I have him a home for 13 years grin.

I've looked at your photos issey, they are beautiful cats! The Siamese cross looks different to how I pictured him. I'm tempted to upload a pic of this kitten but not sure if the breeder uses MN and will be cross?

What do people think of my middle ground suggestion? I know thecatneuterer isn't keen but might be a good middle ground?

issey6cats Thu 01-Aug-13 00:09:17

black cats always have beautiful eyes well folks i have an appointment with joe ortons diaries so goodnight and whatever you decide to do nuggett it will be the right decision for you smile

WetAugust Thu 01-Aug-13 00:09:57

Tis cos black cats don't photograph very well. They always look like silhouettes. Friend had 2 black litter mates once - even she had trouble telling them apart - something to do with one of them having a barely noticeable kink in its tail.

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