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Possible stray cat hanging around my house, what should I do?

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nocheeseplease Tue 23-Jul-13 23:10:25

Hi, for the past few days a black and white cat has been hanging around my house and doesn't seem to want to leave. It looks quite well fed and although it was a little wary it let me stroke it today so I don't think it's feral.

I have 3 cats myself who are allowed outside so I find it strange that this new cat is still hanging around and hasn't been scared off by my 3. It's currently sat on my back doorstep crying and I feel so sorry for it and don't know what to do.

I don't want to let it in as it spends a lot of time itching so probably has fleas and I don't want an infestation and it wouldn't be fair on my 3 having a strange cat in the house (although according to my neighbour who was feeding my cats this weekend while we were away the black and white one had climbed in through the window the cheeky little bugger!).

Anyway, what do you think I should do? I tried ignoring it hoping t would gt fed up and , y cats would hase it off but it's still here and show no signs of leaving and now I'm stumped. Help!

nocheeseplease Tue 23-Jul-13 23:11:59

Sorry for the spelling in my last sentence - fat finger syndrome on the tablet!

ResNulis Wed 24-Jul-13 10:46:49

Possibly a cat that is shut out of the house during the day when owners are at work? lots of people just having been really thinking that through in the recent heat. Does it have a collar? if so, tuck a note in the collar asking if the cat is actually just freeloading around the neighbourhood.
Put up a poster on a couple of local lamp-posts...advising that you have found a stray?

Let the local rescue centre know, as people losing cats usually make them a first point of call you may be able to reunite owners with cat if he is lost.

Please do offer him some food and water. If he falls in the bowl as though starving, he is probably lost. Water may be his primary driver at the moment though, if stray.

Sadly, a lot of people are dumping/abandoning animals at the moment as economic pressures worsen, and rescue centres are full to overflowing.
If there are no responses to posters or collar notes, please consider helping him, if you can. People often think cats can just look after themselves, but many many strays die.

ResNulis Wed 24-Jul-13 10:48:07

arrrgh haven't not having!

nocheeseplease Wed 24-Jul-13 11:02:07

We gave it a little food and water last night and it did eat it within seconds so does seem hungry. It's not seen it this morning but it may just be sleeping somewhere.

It isnt wearing a collar, dh said if it comes back he will try to catch it and get it to the vets to see if it is chipped. If not then we'll start with the posters etc.

I won't leave it to fend for itself as I like to think that if one of my cats got lost then somebody would look after them until I found them. If nobody comes forward and claims it as theirs I'm sure I could convince dh to let us adopt this one too....

cozietoesie Wed 24-Jul-13 11:07:36

Do you have three boys?

nocheeseplease Wed 24-Jul-13 11:08:31

No, I have one boy and two girls.

ResNulis Wed 24-Jul-13 11:16:59

flowers flowers flowers
I love people like you!!
(and so do some very cats who have found themselves on very lucky doorsteps!)

cozietoesie Wed 24-Jul-13 11:27:51

Just wondered. Sounds as if the stray is a very dominant female.

ResNulis Wed 24-Jul-13 12:26:12

Hi Cozie!
I read it as more likely to be really hungry or thirsty.

cozietoesie Wed 24-Jul-13 12:39:22

That also. I'd be leaving out large dishes of water and nosh - but I'm a softy.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 24-Jul-13 13:28:00

Make a paper collar and write "is this your cat? Ring this number etc".

If it is owned they will probably ring so you don't take it in as one of yours.

But put water out anyway even if it owned, it's too hot to be locked out of your home.

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