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Moving house with two cats

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GwennieF Sat 22-Jun-13 19:25:06

We're moving house next week (providing all goes to plan) and I'm starting to get a little worried about how stressful my cats will find it. They both loathe the cat boxes and even getting them into them is a stressful (and dangerous) experience for all involved; where we're moving to is a twenty minute drive away and we may not be able to get straight in so they'll be in the boxes for ages.

Does anyone have any experience of sedating cats and do you think it would be necessary?

They are both in good health and are aged 12 and 16

cozietoesie Sat 22-Jun-13 19:48:17

No - no sedation. They're far better just being bad tempered. Sedation can be dangerous to them and is very much a last resort for cats.

Have you any way of narrowing the window for entry to the house?

deliasmithy Sat 22-Jun-13 20:10:48


Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Jun-13 22:04:18

I'd put them into a cattery too, the day before if possible and for a couple of days after so you can get yourselves straight.

Fluffy boy doesn't like the box either so I take him up to the bathroom (because it's a small room and he cant run around a lot) and corner him so he has to get into the box then I put the door back on the box. I've tried putting him in backwards but it all gets scratchy bleedy and he gets very stressed.

SpaceKoala Sat 22-Jun-13 22:26:14

Only have one cat, who also hates his carrier. I found it works best to put it upright, opening facing up iyswim, and put him in it like that, bottom first. Gravity helps smile
When we moved I put his carrier in a room in the new house and left him in there with the door bit open. Made sure he had some water, litter tray and dry food in the room and closed the door. Checked on him regularly. Poor thing only came out of his carrier after about 3 hours.
When moving day was over and all was settled I opened the door so he could roam around.
Went very well and he is all settled now smile

GwennieF Sun 23-Jun-13 11:17:09

Had not thought of a cattery - will look into it.

Otherwise it might just be lots of tuna at the other end to soothe irate pussycats...

Thanks all!

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 11:19:43

I would definitely put them in a cattery. Maybe until you have moved in properly and everything is settled. One or two nights perhaps?

cozietoesie Sun 23-Jun-13 11:21:04

A cattery would certainly mean that you wouldn't have the responsibility preying on your mind every minute. Moving house is so stressful and remembering to keep certain doors shut etc can be almost impossible when people are staggering running around with large pieces of furniture and boxes of things.

Best of luck.

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