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11 week old kitten trying to bite!!

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Italiangreyhound Tue 18-Jun-13 00:11:02

Please help! My beautiful ginger tom kitten is driving me mad. He tried to bite my daughter tonight and had tried to bite me today too. He is normally as mad as a box of frogs and a bit scratchy but very loving and very much purrs and enjoys attention. Today he has been quite different and really very crazy and tried to bite and scratch my 8 year old DD. DD has been very sensible with him and I am pretty sure did nothing to deserve it, we were all in the living room together.

I am really feeling frustrated.

No idea how to discipline a kitten and feeling quite down about how he is behaving. It may be that he is sort of fake biting just to be put down but today my DD was on the sofa and he kind of went for her, I mean even when she stood up he kind of chased her!

She has forgiven him and had him back on her bed but I did notice she shut her door later. I just feel rather disappointed as the pet was for her and I hate to see her afraid of him.

We do have a Feliway Diffuser (Plug-In) thing (which the vet charged us £30 for [shocked]) and I am half tempted to write to Feliway to get my money back as this cat is not behaving very sociably!

He has also pooped twice in the dining room!

Any advice, please?

Shitsinger Sat 22-Jun-13 17:50:29

Our kitten(other one didn't) did this and the vet advised me not to allow the cat to view you as a plaything. So lots of toys and plenty of chasing /playing but if it bit or clawed my hands to do a little pssst sound quite sharply and remove your hand.
Apprently this what the mother does if they get nippy with her - it worked!

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