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Wish me luck!

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basildonbond Sun 26-May-13 22:06:17

Off to the airport on Tuesday to pick up our Dubai street cat

Have got feliway upstairs and down

Have been letting our tabby sleep on an old cushion which I'll put in the spare room so Shuri can get used to her scent before meeting her

Have stocked up on extra cat bowls, litter, toys - have bought tabby's weight in dreamies grin - nothing like a cat bribe!!

Have cleared out the spare room so I can sleep in there with Shuri for the first few nights

Eek ..

cozietoesie Sun 26-May-13 22:08:11

Best of luck!


thecatneuterer Sun 26-May-13 22:25:09

Oh wow. I don't know if there's been a back story to this, but gosh, what a lucky cat he/she is. I hope it goes well

itsnothingoriginal Sun 26-May-13 22:29:48

Hope all goes well - what a lucky cat smile

deliasmithy Mon 27-May-13 21:36:25

Good luck, I posted on your other thread about integrating a boy cat.
Dreamies and lick e lix are fab.

basildonbond Tue 28-May-13 21:21:34

So far it's all going very well - Shuri's settled into the spare room, is currently curled up on the cushion Daisy was sleeping on and dd is reading him a story - he's purring very loudly

Daisy is aware there's another cat in the house and has had a bit of a sniff at the door but is behaving normally - every time I've handled Shuri I've then gone to give Daisy a treat so I'm hoping she'll start associating his scent with Good Things

Don't know how long we'll be able to keep him in the spare room though as he's desperate to go exploring!

cozietoesie Tue 28-May-13 21:30:52

Daisy's the one you'll probably have to watch. As Shuri was a street cat, he'll be real adaptable - and likely will have impeccable cat manners. (To survive, they have to be tough but not completely confrontational all the time.)

I take it he managed his journey fine? Has he eaten or drunk yet?

So exciting for you all.

cozietoesie Tue 28-May-13 21:32:52

Oh - the pics?


basildonbond Thu 30-May-13 06:01:20

He's driving me potty this morning ...

At 4:30 he just got it into his little cat brain that he had to get out of the spare room

I made sure Daisy was safely in the kitchen and let him have supervised access to the rest of the house

Where's the only place he wants to go??

He's miaowing and miaowing and miaowing and I just want to go to sleep

He's had some food and had a drink from the bath tap and used the cat tray


(He's still lovely of course but would be quite a bit lovelier if it weren't quite so sodding early ...)

Pics of both on profile btw

cozietoesie Thu 30-May-13 07:54:29

Oh he has the look of the devil in him! Good looking lad.

He knows that Daisy is around and needs to meet her. (Sigh.) How is she reacting to the noise? I have a feeling that First Meeting is not far off.

cozietoesie Thu 30-May-13 07:55:30

Very good that he's used his tray, eaten and drunk.

basildonbond Thu 30-May-13 18:56:27

Well, they've come face to face and while it wasn't love at first sight it wasn't a total disaster either

Little bit of hissing from D which led to a bit of yowling from S but no overt aggression from either side

Am a little bit stumped as S is completely not motivated by food - turns his nose up at any proffered treat (whereas D would sell her grandmother - if she knew where to find her!- for a packet of Dreamies)

He does love attention though and is desperate to go exploring the garden (not yet!) although it rained quite heavily here this afternoon and he was terrified by the noise it made on the skylight ...

cozietoesie Thu 30-May-13 20:03:30

I lived with an ex street cat backaways and he wasn't that concerned about treats either. He liked good food (very much liked raw meat -try Shuri on some rough chopped raw beef if you have some) but it was almost as if, having found a home, he sort of expected food to come with the deal but thought he could go out and get some if necessary so wasn't that bothered.

He was, however, very keen to make good relations with other cats. If aggressed upon, he'd see the other cat off or die trying but in the absence of aggression he was extremely gentlemanly. And D is a girl of course so he has to defer to her.

Sounds not too bad although I definitely wouldn't try to put them in each other's company but would let D make the pace.


cozietoesie Sat 01-Jun-13 12:05:34

How's it going?

pigsDOfly Sat 01-Jun-13 13:17:48

Just had to say Basildon, you sound absolutely lovely. Lucky cat to find himself with such a caring 'owner'smile.

cozietoesie Sun 02-Jun-13 13:08:07

Any news, basildon?

basildonbond Sun 02-Jun-13 19:55:27

mostly going ok ...

the good news is S has got over his jetlag so slept through until 7:30 this morning (yay) - I made him play with his feather toy and laser pointer for a good while before going up to bed last night, which I think helped tire him out!

He's very cuddly and loving towards all the humans in the house (and incredibly chatty - if he's awake he just wants to talk), however on the couple of occasions he's inadvertently seen D he's started yowling and fluffed up his tail (obviously Arabian cats know some choice swear words...)

D has hissed a little but otherwise not reacted badly and she's acting completely normally when he's in his 'base camp'

At the moment they're taking turns to have the run of the house and I'm encouraging them to sniff each other's scent. D won't eat her tea on the other side of the door to S's room - it's just not the Right Place and she insists on having her tea where she's always had it

He is desperate to explore the garden - but I think he needs to wait a little longer

Oh, and we've discovered some treats which he likes - ludicrously expensive though! - thrive white fish cubes - dd got them for him with her pocket money

cozietoesie Sun 02-Jun-13 20:14:36

So far so good, eh?

Yes - he needs to wait, much though he wants to be outside. (He'll likely be very keen to see/get to know his new territory and get it under control - critical for survival as a street cat.) Tough - not quite yet.

Remember to give D lots of extra TLC and well done so far.


PS - I nearly forgot. Has Shuri got a chip? Even if so, does it work across here? Maybe a vet visit would be no bad idea as well before he heads out to conquer new worlds.

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