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Kitten 10 weeks still not interested in kitten food, only milk.

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Swanhilda Sun 26-May-13 21:49:40

All his sisters are eating kitten food and have been for a few weeks, as well as drinking from their mum.
He laps cat milk from a bowl, but he won't even try any kitten food wet or dry. He waits for his mother to reappear, even if that means a very long wait. I've kept his mother out today and tried mashing up a tiny bit of wet food in catmilk, which he ate. But he leaves any textured stuff.

His sisters love every variety of kitten food, crunchy, smelly, smooth and are slightly fatter than him now. Otherwise he is lively, affectionate, bouncy and happy. Should I start ending his access to mum? It seems very cruel when he is just about to go to his new home in two days. Maybe once he is in a new home he will accept new food?

Or any tips for what might tempt him? I tried mashed rinsed tinned sardines, cooked fresh salmon, liquidized cooked white fish, mixing everythign with milk..whiskas, felix, Hills dry kitten, whiskas dry kitten. To no avail. He has had first vaccination two weeks ago.

cozietoesie Sun 26-May-13 23:13:04

Well - he ate some when Mum was removed. I think that's worth noting. I'd try separating him much more and giving him real sloppy wet food mixed up with some warm liquid - in a small, very low profiled bowl (or a container lid) to make the glop easier for him to access. Cat milk if you're desperate but I'd try to make it with water if you can.

Maybe try putting some food on your finger and letting him lick that if you can? And offer him his food away from the others so that he doesn't get distracted.

That's all I can suggest at the moment. He really should be eating solids like his litter mates by now - and I see that you imply he's a little underweight.

If neither of those start working within a day or two (and once they get the idea they can go at it like a gallop) I'd even consider having him back to the vet to check that he's not got some problem with his mouth, throat or elsewhere. Is he using his tray OK?

By the way, I'd hold him back from going to a new home while he can't eat properly. The change of environment can be challenging for even a well grounded kit. For one that has difficulties, it might be too much - and think of his poor new owners.

Maybe other posters will have some more suggestions.

Ponders Mon 27-May-13 18:27:37

My DD recently acquired some kittens which weren't even old enough to leave their mum - she didn't realise how young they were (5 weeks shock) until they were taken to the vet the first time.

Anyway they were, of course, not that keen on solid food & she did what you're doing, ie crushing some food in the kitten milk, but even so one of them was eating very little.

I suggested she try Animonda Rafiné Soupé Kitten food, which mine have always loved, & the reluctant feeder hoovered it up! So that might be worth a try. (Hers are both boys too)

(My cats turn 1 next week, I suppose I should stop giving them kitten food blush - there is one for adult cats too!)

cozietoesie Mon 27-May-13 18:29:05

Good tip, Ponders.

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