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I hve a gorgeous new kitten.....

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after begging DH for another cat he finally caved and on Friday we got Muffin, a gorgeous 9 week old black and white kitten. Our last 2 old girls have been gone 3 years and they were 16 so all in all a long time since I had a kitten.

She spent the first few days hiding in my wardrobe but is now finding her feet and getting quite miscehvious and naughty in a cute way.

Anyway, I can't remember re jabs etc. As she is 9, nearer 10 weeks old now I presume she is ready for her first set of jabs. Is it two lots of jabs and then get her neutered. I am not letting her go outside until she has been neutered which is what I have always done with our cats in the past.

Had forgotten how lovely the house feels with a feline friend in it, and love the purring smile

...also how much are we supposed to feed her. She will happily go through 2 kitten pouches a day plus her biscuits and then would probably like more. She has been wormed.

MumnGran Wed 22-May-13 13:29:47

Hi there.
Kittens can have their first jab at 8 weeks - 9 weeks is fine.
The second should be given at 12 weeks.
So - this is the ideal time to take her to your vet for that first inoculation, when she can also have a full health check-over, and you can discuss what you want to use for flea and worm preventatives.

At 9 weeks kittens are usually on 4 meals a day - reducing to 3 at about 16 weeks, so she may be feeling as though she would like to top up more often. I would leave fresh biscuits down all day, and give her breakfast, lunch, tea & then a late supper. If you are not at home to do lunch ...replace it with a second breakfast i.e. give b/fast as soon as you get up but give her some more as you are walking out of the door for work.

Have fun! Its such a lovely age. Pix?

Thanks Mum

I will book her vet appointment asap then.

I have just been topping her up little and often and trying to make sure her bowl always has something in it.

I will upload a pic of her and put it on my profile, she is just so scrummy smile

have uploaded some pics of her smile

cozietoesie Wed 22-May-13 13:52:12

What a pretty girl.

Despite what you said about the wardrobe, she looks very confident and self-possessed now.


Cozie - she is still a bit nervous, doesn't like sudden movement or anything and is quite wary of DH. The home she came from had 2 young kids who man handled her and a violent partner who was probably shoving his wife about in front of her.

She is finding her feet though, every day she comes out more and more, I think she is realising what pushovers nice owners we are smile

cozietoesie Wed 22-May-13 14:15:54

From the photos, it looks as if she's already found them. A good new life to her.


MumnGran Wed 22-May-13 15:20:44

Super baby! ...and fallen on her feet, I suspect smile

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