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Dilemma. Visiting dog.

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Eliza22 Wed 22-May-13 08:13:24

That's it. My sister is visiting on Monday. Haven't seen her for ages as she lives 200 miles away. Her daughter has a little Jack Russell/Border cross rescue dog and is bringing it with her. They're only staying one night before going further up country. Only found out yesterday, about the dog who apparently, is very good and sits with my neice all the time.

We have one nervous cat who has never experienced a dog. Our house is pretty open plan. I have no idea what to do. Sister can't visit, without the dog.

I'm afraid all the doggy smells will spook the cat and she may leave home or she may start marking her territory and spraying (can female cats 'spray'?).

Any suggestions?


cozietoesie Wed 22-May-13 08:25:51

I'm afraid that I would be quite wary of introducing an unknown Jack Russell to a cat. (I wouldn't be just taking my sister's word for its behaviour either - it may never have been in close proximity to a cat in their presence. Even if it had, your cat would be a stranger cat to the dog and there might be consequences.)

As the cat is first in your life, are you completely sure the dog has to stay ? EG is there a kennel nearby where they could put it for a night or so? Also, and if you are truly desperate to have your Sis and her daughter stay, is there really no room where you could put the cat for safety for a night?

Eliza22 Wed 22-May-13 08:37:42

Thanks for such a prompt reply.

I suggested a kennel overnight but apparently my neice goes nowhere without this dog. I hardly see my sister anymore due to distance and my son, 12, is really excited to see his cousins.

Would a cat (if I put her in her usual Cattery overnight) be freaked out on returning, just by the smell left behind, when the dog goes?

My sister is a big animal lover and has a real menagerie so yes, the dog has met other cats.

cozietoesie Wed 22-May-13 09:20:56

My personal view is that I'd go for an overnight cattery especially if she's used to one. (I must emphasize that this is my personal view and may not be that of others.) I know you said that the dog was a cross but it still has Jack Russell in it, JRs are a hunting sort of breed and can be 'off' with cats unless raised with them at a young age, and this will be a strange cat to it and one that is nervy in any case.

I think the main reason for my view is that if anything untoward did happen, there might be awful problems not only between you and your DSis but for the DCs. Maybe there would only be the very remotest possibility but I'd be looking to avoid that.

As to smell when she comes back? She'll have had strange smells at the cattery anyway so keep the dog out of, say, your bedroom and put the cat in there for a bit when she gets back. You'll likely get lots of sniffing and suspicious checking out of every nook and cranny when she's released to the main house but if you're sitting around relaxed and she realizes that the house is empty she should settle down quick enough.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Eliza22 Wed 22-May-13 09:28:39

Thanks so much for that advice. I did think the Cattery was the best option. Will hopefully be able to book her in (Bank Holiday!)

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