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What is your cat called?

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BestestBrownies Tue 14-May-13 11:54:04

Just being nosy really and looking for inspiration

Does the name you've chosen suit him/her because of looks/personality or is it so inappropriate as to be ironic?

Also, does anyone give their pedigree cat a ridiculous moniker (a la Crufts), then a 'normal' nickname or is that just for dogs?

Doodledumdums Tue 14-May-13 13:09:23

We have a moggie called Rocky, so called because he has two extra toes on each foot, and looks like he is wearing boxing gloves!

We also have a siamese called 'Princess Mei-Mei of Siam'... Though mostly she gets called Poppy?!

saycheeeeeese Tue 14-May-13 13:09:35


She is penny but I love the musical cats so she gets that!

And Bella, as in Belladonna the song by Stevie Nicks.

ArtemisKelda Tue 14-May-13 13:13:45

I have Larry, Eric and Frank. Eric and Frank were already named when we got them, Larry was one of 3 kittens, the other 2 were Curly and Moe.

tabulahrasa Tue 14-May-13 13:20:01

Oh I don't think they have to do anything, just sit there in their pen looking pretty, cats are exceptionally good at sitting there looking pretty... Judges examine them and declare which is the prettiest.

Though making them walk round a ring might be good for amusement value? Lol

Helpnoidea Tue 14-May-13 13:25:25

We had two sets of brother and sister (sadly we lost one of the brothers) named:
Moe and Curley
Stan and Olly
Can you see a theme developing?
We've also got an adoptee called Joe who matches quite nicely
Enjoy choosing some interesting names but just bear in mind that you may have to stand outside and yell it at some point in the future......!

Kewcumber Tue 14-May-13 13:27:47

Magnus and Cleo brother and sister - no idea why it just suited them

piratecat Tue 14-May-13 13:31:37

ours has the surname of one of Take That. sigh.

dd's bloody crush gets everywhere.

she says we need four more cats, or is it 3 now??!

tribpot Tue 14-May-13 13:33:51

Harry Potter. Even though she's a girl. This was ds' choice; we (and the cat) had no say in the matter.

Essexgirlupnorth Tue 14-May-13 13:45:14

I have Seren (star in Welsh) who is tabby and white and Arwen who is tortie. Told by the vet they had posh names.
Seen to spend my life shouting Arwen, no!

Kormachameleon Tue 14-May-13 13:47:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

issey6cats Tue 14-May-13 14:04:17

i have Jasper hes a tuxedo so thought good name for a tux

JO Jo his sister went to get one kit ended up with two so her name went with her brothers

Biscuit big ginger and white long hair the day i brought him home from the rescue my ex husband said he smells of biscuits hence his name

Blue half siamese he was Dom at rescue and he has blue eyes and ex is everton fan so he got his name that way

Wander is hound and she was called this by the rescue in cyprus and i liked it so kept it

Smellslikecatspee Tue 14-May-13 14:05:17

Today, one of them is called 'Quit that, get down from there'

the other one one is 'Stop winding him up. Stop it'

Sadly they not kittens just like ignoring me. . .
Aka William and Belinda. . Long not intresting or funny story

fluffydressinggown Tue 14-May-13 14:49:06

Maisy, she is a rescue, we changed her name from Sienna because it sounded a bit bizarre with our surname. She suits it.

Growing up my cats were Abby and Lucy. DH had cats called Flapjack and Moses.

CMOTDibbler Tue 14-May-13 14:53:52

Mine have all been named for famous physicists. It would out me far too easily to name them, but it all started with Schrodinger grin

QOD Tue 14-May-13 15:00:22

Rover, Mutley, Dougal and Scooby Doo

Rover was a boy, the rest girls

Mother2many Tue 14-May-13 15:03:49

Mittens: because her feet look like she's wearing them. We often call her Bratcat.

Butter(ball): I use to have a cat named Peanut, and I enjoyed calling for PeanutButter...

Snowgirl1 Tue 14-May-13 15:04:01

Sporran, Sprockett and Josey

allmycats Tue 14-May-13 15:06:54

Have had - Sooty, KitKat,Tiggi,Marvin and Hepcat - now I only have Molly.

TSSDNCOP Tue 14-May-13 15:06:56

I have Jinx (jet black) and Lulabella (Princess of Catworld IHO)

GingerPCatt Tue 14-May-13 15:07:15

Ginger for obvious reasons. Grindel who is a monster to the local wildlife, but he loves his mummy. smile And catamunda, shorten to moondie or moo.
Growing up we had a b&w tuxedo who had a dapper white mustache called General Spicer since he reminded my mum of a general she knew as a child (grandad was in the Air Force).

ClaraOswald Tue 14-May-13 15:09:14

Agent J and Agent K.

They are nearly identical twin sister and brother and they do look like they are wearing Men in Black suits.

FruitOwl Tue 14-May-13 15:26:06

When I was a teenager my best mate's parents had about 10 cats and one of them was called Motherfucker (Mofo for short) shock hmm grin

We had the rather less exotic Bilbo Baggins and Bramwell Brown.

Frettchen Tue 14-May-13 15:33:27

My cats have always have flower names (I know, I know, judge away... I started the trend when I was a kid and never managed to break out of it!)

Cats I've had, and lost are;
Rosie - black and white; the cat who started it all. She lived until she was 16, and was the sweetest thing, albeit incredibly timid and quite fussy with who she'd deign to be stroked by.
Lily - my only pedigree cat; a Maine Coon officially called Elyskats Kalila. Unfortunately she was killed by a car when she was 3. She was a lovely cat; great temperament, but she hated my other cats, and didn't particularly want to live in the house. She used to bring me gifts of half-eaten rabbits. In return I would de-tangle her fur. We had it good.
Rowan - my heart-achey baby. He was a right softy; a peachy ginger and white, but he also fell prey to a car when he was only 10 months old.

My current cats
Daisy - tortoiseshell; timid but cuddly under the right circumstances - she's very similar to my Rosie.
Bella (Belladonna) - very fluffy ginger with white bits. She's the friendliest cat I know, she loves my dog and seems to always be desperate for a fuss when I'm in the bath. She'll sit there on the toilet seat, yowling at me as I try to read!
Dandy (Dandelion) - the youngest, and definitely the brattiest! She's replaced Lily in terms of beating up Daisy, although Bella manages to hold her own. Dandy is very vocal, and a bit hit'n'miss in terms of cuddliness; sometimes she loves a fuss, othertimes she's off like a shot.

NeverTooManyCats Tue 14-May-13 16:37:07

Hob (hobgoblin)
and newest addition is Troi (from star trek)

FunnysInLaJardin Tue 14-May-13 16:41:24

Dooin one of my cats is called Maximus although his surname is Catticus. His sister is Minimus Catticus. Luckily she is small and he is huge grin

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