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Spraying cats

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Withalittlesparkle Mon 13-May-13 09:22:50

First time posting in the litter tray, so excuse me if I'm not up with all the kitty related lingo.

Bit of background first: we've had our two boys since they were 5 weeks old (now 4 years old), the guy we had them off said "come get them now, or I'm getting rid of them myself", we had to teach them to lap and eat solids because they were literally taken straight off their mother. We've never really had a problem with either of them, except the odd brotherly scrap but generally they live happily together. We had them both neutered as soon as we could and they were kept as house cats until they were about 12 months old.

We introduced them to the outdoors gradually, and they never seem to stray too far from home, always come back when they are called etc etc.

Until recently they were bought in at night, but as we are expecting our first child we thought it may be best to start encouraging a little independance baby substitutes The smaller cat of the two had also started "piddling" whenever we were stroking him, I say piddling, a little bit of creamy liquid would come out and it would stink to high heaven. We took him to the vets and were told that it could be stress of not being able to go outside of a evening/nighttime. The piddling stopped when we started letting him out. We still see him the same amount but I guess having constant access to outside has really helped.

Now to the real issue....

We have an exceptional amount of neighbourhood cats come in to our garden, but one in particular has started to become quite aggressive (We think he is an unneutered tom sniffing out the queen that lives next door. The new cat has started walking round our garden spraying everything he can get his bum near, he does it to the next doors garden as well. This morning I noticed that my neutered tom has started doing the same thing, and around the neighbours garden, and the next garden down. Is that normal? and is there anything I can do to discourage him? I dont mind so much him doing it in my garden, its my choice to have cats and I know he is only reclaiming his territory, but the lady who lives two doors down is slightly bonkers and I'm worried that she'll take it rather personally and start complaining etc about what my cat is going (she has previous form for being a general pain in the bum in all neighbourhood related matters, especially related to pets)

cozietoesie Mon 13-May-13 10:11:56

Welcome, sparkle. smile

Neutering male cats inhibits spraying and other tom behaviour but doesn't necessarily stop it - particularly if they're feeling stressed or insecure in my experience.

(By the way, that 'piddling' you described likely wasn't exactly piddling if you get my drift. He's probably over sensitive to stimulation and his people (you stroking him a lot) and going outside removed him from that and took his mind off things.)

You could always start showing the mean tom the garden gate - eg get a water sprayer and spray him if you see him. Other than that, I don't know what can be done apart from ensuring that your two don't have to fight if they don't want to by giving them eg a microchip cat flap and a litter tray inside. Not all cats actually want to fight/guard their territory if they have the option of a warm, safe inside but if they're stuck out there for whatever reason they may have to act belligerent because they have no option. I'd be giving them the option.

Just some thoughts - other posters will likely have more suggestions.


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