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Update on Mikey the cat...

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happymummy2010 Sun 05-May-13 21:15:44

Well he seems back to his normal self after his adventure last week.

He is eating well but seems very upset he is not allowed outside at the moment. He spends most of his day sitting by the door crying !

We are planning on letting him outside again on Weds which will be a week after we found him. Is he likely to wonder off again or will he have learnt his lesson and stay close to our garden ?

Don't think I can go through the stress with DS again if Mikey goes missing again..

cozietoesie Sun 05-May-13 21:31:42

Good that he's better and eating well but.........

In my experience, they don't learn that well if the lure of the forbidden is too strong. I fear you may have a roamer on your hands.

Did you ever find out his previous home location?

happymummy2010 Mon 06-May-13 13:55:18

Well he is out.. Managed to sneak out when the back door was open.. Has wondered round the garden but hasn't gone too far yet.. Fingers crossed he doesn't go AWOL again.. grin

cozietoesie Mon 06-May-13 14:02:13

Here's hoping. (And I'd cross your toes also if I were you.)

happymummy2010 Mon 06-May-13 17:00:04

He is back.. smile

Won't be letting him go out anymore tonight.

cozietoesie Mon 06-May-13 17:33:56

Good idea, I think.


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