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Think my cat ate a tick!

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loopyluna Sun 05-May-13 13:38:40

Not for the squeamish/ faint-hearted...

We live in an area with a lot of ticks. Every year at least one of the kids /pets manage to get one and I have a nifty little tick remover for this job.

We just got back from holidays and discovered Dcat 1 had an enormous tick on her cheek. She was due a dose of frontline so I did that and decided to wait for DH to get home to help me try to remove the bugger. (Dcat v jumpy so it is really a 2 man job.)

At some point, I was ironing, Dcat was washing herself and as I glanced at her, she appeared to be chewing something nasty -she had a really disgusted face on. And there was no sign of the tick shock

Do I need to dash her to the vets? This was Friday evening and she seems ok in herself. I know ticks carry disease and I'm a little concerned that part of the tick may have been [warning] left in her skin or something awful...

Any advice?

burberryqueen Sun 05-May-13 13:42:28

that is can feel if any part of the insect has been left in the skin quite clearly. If there is any you have to squeeze it out without killing it and dispose of it down the loo or in a fire. I suppose if she has bitten out the whole lot and digested then then that is good...

I wouldn't be rushing to the vet, no.

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