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Kitten arrived today! But she's not eating or drinking...

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Bewildermum Sat 27-Apr-13 22:48:41

Hello there

Bluebell has arrived today - lovely little 10wk old girl. She's been exploring the living room, had lots of time under the sofa, lots of crazy kitten play, used her litter tray.... But has only sniffed at the food and drink that's out for her.

We've laid out water, cat milk, kitten biscuits and pouch food (all as recommended by her previous owner). Any ideas? I'm worried - - she is so little and it has been hours....she def seems to be looking for something, lots of mewing....

Thanks for any advice!

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sat 27-Apr-13 22:55:16

probably looking for her mum.

do you have something for her to cuddle up to?

It's quite common for them to not eat or drink for the first day or so. They're in a strange place, with strange people and no mum. It takes a little getting used to.

Hopefully she'll have a bit of something overnight or tomorrow. Just keep taking her to the food and water and getting her to sniff it. Maybe put your finger in the water and gently touch her lips, if that won't scare her?

cozietoesie Sat 27-Apr-13 22:57:09

She's missing her littermates and Mum now and everything's probably a bit busy for her, brave though she's trying to be.

I'd make up a small quantity of really sloppy food (say some kitten food mushed up with warm water), put it in a very shallow dish (eg use a plastic container lid), turn the lights down a little and leave her alone for a bit.

Best of luck.

cozietoesie Sat 27-Apr-13 22:59:39

PS - and make it a chicken flavour pouch and not a fish flavour. Some cats don't like fish flavours in their complete food.

cozietoesie Sat 27-Apr-13 23:00:32

PPS - Where's the photo?


Bewildermum Sat 27-Apr-13 23:09:24

Yes she must be mewing for her mum. And thanks for the tips - maybe all the bowls are too big! I'll try your advice cozietoesie... Fingers crossed.

I'll try the photo thing....

Bewildermum Sat 27-Apr-13 23:18:24, or maybe not.Photos too tricky for my brain tonight, will try tomorrow! She is a wee, black kitten with a hint of chocolate-coloured tabby stripe in the right light :-)

sashh Sun 28-Apr-13 06:09:26

pic, please pics.

don't worry, she is in a strange place and food is the last of her worries. You will probably find she eats in the night.

cozietoesie Sun 28-Apr-13 07:09:10

How did she get on overnight?

Bewildermum Sun 28-Apr-13 11:29:48

Hello, she seems fine! Still full of beans. She didn't touch her food overnight but has had a wee drink of water from her (smaller) dish and a spot of milk from my fingertips (thanks for both those tips!), and has just nibbled some biscuits under the chair - so maybe she just doesn't feel quite safe enough to eat out in the open yet. Phew!

Right, now to try those photos...

nippysweetie82 Sun 28-Apr-13 11:47:07

I can't give you much advice but I have a 10 week old kitten who refuses to eat any kind of kitten food. She's been living on scrambled egg and white fish for the past 2 weeks. If all else fails you could try your kitten with scrambled egg, maybe mix it with some of the kitten food pouch.

Bewildermum Sun 28-Apr-13 11:59:20

Oh thanks nippysweetie82, I'll bear that in mind if she doesn't start eating more.

I've added a coupl of photos to my profile now, hope you can see it?


cozietoesie Sun 28-Apr-13 12:17:42

Oh good - she's taking something. You could try smearing some kitten food on your fingers - or maybe also put her dish in an out of the way place so that she has more privacy.

cozietoesie Sun 28-Apr-13 12:18:27

What a pretty girl!


ZebraOwl Sun 28-Apr-13 13:55:11

What a darling!

Am sure with the excellent advice you've had here she'll settle down soon & you'll be worrying about her attempts to break into where her food is kept eyes the Zebra Cats meaningfully

ZebraOwl Sun 28-Apr-13 13:56:01

Curses. Forgot, again, about how I need to use <> not ** on here. Foiled again...

SchroSawMargeryDaw Sun 28-Apr-13 14:00:53

My first done this, I was so worried. I then went and got a bit of chicken, he ran up and stole it from my hand and ran to the corner with it! grin

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sun 28-Apr-13 14:01:42

What a lovely kitten. smile.

usualsuspect Sun 28-Apr-13 14:07:25

Aww kitten. She will probably eat in the night for a while until she feels safe.

Bewildermum Mon 29-Apr-13 06:25:44

Thanks so much. I'm away from home for a couple of days (typical timing) but DH informs me she's been drinking and nibbling some more so hopefully she's getting there. She's also feeling brave enough to sleep in the open (behind DH's head on top of the sofa) and we have..... PURRING! :-)

(oh yeh and escaping from the living room)

cozietoesie Mon 29-Apr-13 10:02:09

Sounds like she's fine now and getting there. You'll probably arrive home to find her and DH watching television together from the sofa and your crust of dry bread meal on a plate in the kitchen somewhere.


Bewildermum Wed 01-May-13 21:50:35

Hehe Cozietosie how right you were!

Thanks to everyone who stopped to give me advice and reassurance - as you all said she would be, she is now really settled - eating, drinking, sleeping, using her tray - all great. DD (6 today) loves her too, and she (the kitten) is currently fast asleep in the crook of DH's elbow as he's watching telly - he's definitely the favourite. She's so gorgeous!

cozietoesie Wed 01-May-13 21:52:04


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