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secretscwirrels Sat 20-Apr-13 18:38:09

We've had scwirrelcat 18 months now and he did moult a lot last year but over the winter I had forgotten how much. He's a short haired ginger and white.
It must be spring and he's shedding his winter coat. He's reasonably co-operative about being brushed only bites me after 10 minutes, but even after brushing he walks around the house leaving ginger clouds of hair.
What more could I do? I have threatened to hoover him grin.

ZebraOwl Sun 28-Apr-13 10:37:11

I swear mine divvy up my clothes hairwise: black!cat goes for the lights, blond!cat for the darks. Then they run round the house wearing my leotards (stolen from the clothes airer) like superhero capes. My (white, romantic) tutu lives with the AD rather than at home with me precisely because the cats would claim it as their own & a very peculiar Wili/Swan I'd make this summer in a furry tutu* confused It does seem the not-unreasonable-amount they shed they make sure it gets left somewhere I will find & appreciate it. Thanks for that, cats...

* AD keeps it in his car, mostly, so HIS cat doesn't get the chance to assume ownership of it.

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