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Any tips on keeping Cat away from Fish tank ?

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happymummy2010 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:15:19

We rehomed a cat from Battersea 2 weeks ago and are having problems keeping him away from the fish tank. We have resorted to sealing the lid with parcel tape and covering the top with tin foil, but I have just caught him with his paw in the tank again.. !!

The lid is a plastic sheet that normally sits across the tank. Our rooms are mainly open plan so there is nowhere we can put the tank out of the cat's reach.

Has anyone any other tips we can try ?

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Mon 01-Apr-13 22:27:16

New tank?

sashh Tue 02-Apr-13 04:48:30

Ah we had this when I was a kid, the guppies didn't last for long, she used to knock the lid off and go fishing.

Not sure you can do any more.

Could you put the tank on a set of shelves without enough room for a cat paw?

putting gravel or eggshells around so it is uncomfortable for the cat to get to the tank - not pretty I know.

Put the tank in a cupboard?

GoSuckEggs Tue 02-Apr-13 05:54:07

My cat used to do this. until one day he stood on the lid and the lid slipped and he fell straight in. he had left them alone since. grin

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