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We have peaceful co-existence!

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Lovethesea Mon 01-Apr-13 15:27:03

Woo hoo! Cat1 and Cat2 appear to have the measure of each other. Cat1 pounced playfully onto Cat2 two days ago and received a telling off that included a ton of very colourful cat swearing. Cat2 is a tortiseshell and I am just reading that means feisty quite often - she fits the stereotype and seems very likely to be boss in this house.

Cat2 is clearly not scared of Cat1 despite being half his size. She walks about the whole house and sits near him, she allows him into the study to eat food from her bowl and she plays with us near him now. Cat1 seems the more unsure since the swearing incident and is not hiding or backing off but has made no more attempts to pounce or play physically with her.

I was keeping them apart at night for a while longer but DH left the study door open when he went to bed last night so that ships sailed.

I'm hoping they will get closer as time goes on but I will quite happily settle for this state of affairs. Next stop sorting a cat flap once Cat2 can go out (fortnight or so I think). The neighbourhood cats have no idea what's coming!

issey6cats Mon 01-Apr-13 15:50:59

sounds like everything is hunky dory and yes she cat will be the boss anyway because cat society is a matriarchal led society, and yes most torties i have met and in five years working with cat rescue i have met a lot have all been characters and they are known as nortie torties, mind you saying that my timid tuxedo boy has been known to pin next door but ones tortie up against the wall cue much hissing and spitting

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