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First Contact! Resident Rescue cat meets Newbie Rescue cat.

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Lovethesea Fri 29-Mar-13 13:15:32

So Cat2 came home from the rescue on Sunday with us. We have had her tucked away in the study with her own suite of litter tray, food, water, box and blankets, chair, scratch post, toys and regular visits from her new humans. When Cat1 is out she's had the run of the house and has been venturing more and more into the rooms and even downstairs!

She's fantastically affectionate and keeps hopping on to the lap on anyone who sits for more than a minute.

Cat1 caught a glimpse of Cat2 on Monday (Grr DH) and growled that strangled animal noise.

So there has been lots of affection, swapping of bowls, brushing with the same brush, treats, moving blankets, swapping catnip toys etc.

Today Cat1 was outside and came to the french windows to ask to be let in. Cat2 wandered into the dining room and stood staring out at Cat1 and Cat1 looked interested but not intense, just curious but no aggression or hunting moves. So, got two bowls of food ready and let Cat1 in.

He ploughed into his bowl with hardly a glance at Cat2 nearby. She was too nervous to eat but circled around him at a distance. I gave him treats and he happily munched. Once he finished he followed her casually into the dining room where she went under a chair. As he got close she growled her strangled animal back away noise and he moved back.

Cat1 has now gone out, Cat2 is exploring the house excitedly and I am feeling really pleased that first contact has no blood shed, no claws used and nothing more than a warning off Keep your Distance growl from the newbie.

Still going to take it slowly, might put them together for dinner tonight then seperate again.

Hopeful though!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:10:46

It sounds like it went really well.

cozietoesie Fri 29-Mar-13 16:49:38

Sounds good. Don't push anything of course.

Lovethesea Fri 29-Mar-13 20:27:03

Well dinner tonight was fine too. Cat1 showed no sign of aggression. Cat2 hissed at Cat1 when he came right up to her bowl but she ate and he ate and then he pottered off downstairs and out while she has roamed the house, climbed wardrobes and chased toys.

I am keeping them seperate for a few more days at least, the CP gave me a guide on how to introduce them which I am carefully following.

I am just moving the food bowls closer and closer as they eat together (apparantly they bond over food!) then seperating them again afterwards into different spaces. No rush. Cat2 has to stay in for another fortnight at least and Cat1 loves being out in the garden so Cat2 has plenty of time with the whole house to explore.

Besides they are both high daily on the amount of catnip I am offering them.

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