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You know we always talk about eating cats spayed/neutered?

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StuffezLaBouche Fri 22-Mar-13 20:12:14

And there's a very strong feeling about letting cats have unnecessary litters, when there are loads of unwanted kittens without homes?

Well I've found this site called pets4homes and there are HUNDREDS of pedigree cats on there selling for enormous sums of money. Some of the sellers obviously breed on a larger scale "I will have another litter due on 25th" etc.

I'm just wondering what the "general view" is on this kind of thing. My baby boy is just a little moggie and I absolutely adore him. I can see why people love pure breeds... But when I get number two he will be a rescue, without doubt. Is breeding seen as more acceptable if they're pure breds?

VenusRising Mon 01-Apr-13 01:48:18

Well, I love cats but I'm allergic to every cat except orientals.
I love Siamese and Burmese, and have a little tonkinese who I practically inhale every night. (I don't eat her though!)

Not all moggies cause me allergies, but if they have any under hair, or long hair I start to sneeze and wheeze within minutes. With oriental pedigree cats I'm fine.

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