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Separation anxiety?

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ErrorError Thu 28-Feb-13 00:32:11

I started a thread a couple of weeks ago asking about air rifle laws after one of my two cats was tragically shot dead by some evil scumbag. This is related but regarding the cat left behind.

I've no idea if cats grieve and how, I believe they do. ErrorCat2 started off being quite subdued and confused that her friend wasn't coming in for dinner, looking around at mealtimes etc, but then for a while seemed to get somewhat back to normal. However, in the last week she has been like my little shadow, and in particular has been in my room at night wailing to leave every 10 minutes, then not long after has been wailing to come back in.

I started off having the door closed to keep the heat in, but after being up every 10 minutes all night I decided to leave the door ajar so she could roam in and out when she pleased. This didn't work either. The following night she was in and out as before, but scratching on the wardrobe, and laundry basket, and a cardboard box. She was only appeased when I woke up to give her a stroke and then she'd leave the room but keep repeating the same ritual throughout the night.

It's almost as if she just wants to check that I'm still there, but then forgets because I'm asleep again so has to check again! She's also been shedding a bit more fur than usual. Looked this up online and stress can play a part.

Sorry for long windedness. Any advice? Is this worth mentioning to the vet at all or do you reckon she'll get over it in time. The last few weeks have been quite traumatic for us all so I hope I'm not projecting my own anxieties onto ErrorCat2. I get nervous when she's out after what happened, so could I be perpetuating her behaviour by wanting her in sight?

thecatneuterer Thu 28-Feb-13 14:39:14

This is so, so sad. I don't really have much advice. Cats can become very attached to each other and can feel the loss of another very deeply. How long it takes them to get over it, and how it affects their behaviour probably varies as much between individuals as it does with humans. Maybe the Feliway diffuser could help. I expect though it will just be a matter of time and a lot of love and attention from you.

cozietoesie Thu 28-Feb-13 16:29:07

I remember your previous thread.

Cats seem to love routine - and in my experience, changes can be really unsettling for them. Loads of TLC and have her into the bed if she'll actually come to sleep with you. Otherwise, I think it's just time. Yes, you'll likely be more tense than usual which she could be picking up on - but the same applies to you. Time and keeping a very structured household should help.

Best of luck.

dobby2001 Thu 28-Feb-13 21:52:08

I am so sorry for the loss ofyour cat. Error cat 2s behaviour sounds very like that displayedby our cat,when his brother died suddenly.I ended up carrying him I. A sling as I kept tripping over him, he wanted to be so close!
Feliway can help along with lots of reassurance and cuddles, if he will let you. Our solutionwas to get a new companion for him,. He is still strongly attached to me, but will happily come and go now, and enjoys the company of his new friend :-)

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