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Is it worth microchipping?

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joey99 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:08:58

Just got a gorgeous new little cat who is being spayed next week and the vet asked if i want her microchipped at the same time. My lovely old cat who was put down recently was never microchipped as it probably wasn't invented 17 years ago! New cat Rosie is a normal moggie who will be in and outdoors but we have a decent size back garden and as she is a girl cat can't think she'll go out of the garden really. Am i missing the point of microchips as i thought they were for dogs being stolen etc. Are they mostly for pedigree cats or is everyone getting them done now?

Purpleknickers Thu 28-Feb-13 15:33:38

My neighbour put a note through my door yesterday with a picture of her little cat (9 months) that had gone missing. I searched for her with no joy and feared the absolute worst as I lost one of my precious boys on the road last May (quiet cul de sac) but today her little cat has been found 4 miles away identified by her microchip smile

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