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Advice needed re separation of cats

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Lovecat Thu 14-Feb-13 17:58:35

Thanks - I have put her in with mum and they were very happy to see each other - I think she's enjoying the rest! Meanwhile asbo kitten is looking miserable and her little sister (runt of litter) has turned into a very playful little sausage!

thecatneuterer Thu 14-Feb-13 17:21:21

I agree with Issey

issey6cats Thu 14-Feb-13 12:41:35

as they have been feeding off mom while she had cat flu the kittens should have an immunity from mom or they would have shown signs of cat flu already, and being as mom is feeling better i would try putting her in with mom as one kitten is a lot less stress on her than three hoollies

Lovecat Thu 14-Feb-13 12:16:07

We've just taken on 4 rescue cats - a mum and 3 kittens. The mum has very bad cat flu and the vet advised to keep her separate from the kittens as they were still trying to nurse from her (c.9 weeks old) and it was too much for her.

This was fairly easy to do as we have laminate in the through lounge and are keeping the kittens in there with litter tray, food etc. and mum in the kitchen (similar arrangement). Mum still v. snuffly but has stopped looking like she is about to peg out, has regained her appetite and become interested in life again.

However! The kittens (all female) while sleeping together and eating together without issue, are play fighting every other waking minute, to the extent that the largest and most insane of them has hurt the middle one's eye in the night - this morning it was weeping quite badly. I've bathed it and it looks a bit better but the second I put her down again her sisters were on her and it looked like the asbo kitten is going for the eye deliberately.

I'd like to separate her from her sisters until the eye is healed, but we have run out of secure areas to do so (big through lounge), also she is the least house-trained of the 3 and will pee/poop on anything soft as well as the litter tray, so a bedroom won't do (poo on the duvet). She has pulled towels down from the bathroom and pooped on them too, so not keen on this option.

While the mum is on the mend she is still snuffly - would it be dangerous to put the kitten back in with her? Or do I isolate her in the bathroom (and would this be mean to a small kitten)?

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