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Pukey Tom Cat...

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rockinhippy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:16:15

He's a gorgeous, big, seemingly very healthy boy in every other way, but he has a bad habit of wolfing his food down & then throwing it back up a few minutes laterconfused

We have had him vet checked in the past over this & the vet said he was a very healthy boy & not to worry as us probably just a throw back to him being runt of the litter & him feeling he still needs to eat everything quickly whilst he can, but he does go through phases of throwing up more often, which he is doing ATM, I've cleaned up 2 lots already today, he doesn't seem at all bothered by it though & will oftenjust go eat more straight afterwards

I can't really see any pattern to this, he's not sick more often in hot weather for example, which I know can be a sign of kidney disease. We do have 2 cats, both rescue cats whom we got separately & have had a few years now. He was a tiny undersized kitten when he arrived here, but he quickly out grew our other cat & is now a verybbig handsome boy, I do know he was shelter born & initially rejected by his mum & hand reared for the first few weeks until he was reintroduced to her, he came from a big litter & was born with a heart murmur, which cleared up at about 4 weeks & when we first saw him, he was tiny in comparison to his siblings, so the Vet may well be right that he learnt early to fight for food & still gorges as a result.

We feed a mix of good quality food, dry, depending on what's on offer, things like science diet, iams & the currently have purina & they get a pouch each every day, whiskers or Sheba, weirdly neither are bothered by treats, fish scraps etc, they just leave them, though they do like the odd handful dreamies.

Anyone come across this before, should I be more concerned ??

haggisaggis Mon 11-Feb-13 13:21:02

I have one that does that. He's a rescue too - and I reckon he has just got into teh habit of scoffing any food far too quickly. He's been checked by the vet who couldn't find anything wrong. The vet did suggest putting him on wet food only (it's apparently better for them as they get older) but I need to have dried food for my other cat and this one tends to eat the dry food too. He's a real scrounger - will eat banana cake, cheese, egg - anything really - but then is quite likely to chuck it back up.

rockinhippy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:21:10

I should have said - he's 2,1/2 now

rockinhippy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:25:42

Sorry xpost

Thanks Haggis smile that's put my mind at rest a bit, I'm mostly inclined to believe the vet, but having had 2 cats in the past with kidney disease, I often feel a bit unsure as he can throw up so many times a day - though vet did check his kidneys & said they were fine - funny though he's probably worse with wet food as he wolfs that down even quicker, even though I give them a bowl each & he's not fighting for it, our other cat mothers him anywaysmile

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