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older cat (10 yr old approx) going in for surgery for entropion.

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qazxc Sat 02-Feb-13 23:30:48

Molly is about 10 (we're not exactly sure as she's a rescue). We've had her for 8 years and she always had an eye smaller than the other. Her eye started watering so i brought her to the vet and she said that her eelid had rolled inwards and booked her in for surgery. I think it's called entropion. has anybody had their cats done and what happens post surgery? is it riskier, longer to recover for an older cat?
I want her to have it done as i don't want her to be in any discomfort but am a bit worried and would like to know what to expect, the vets main concern seemed to be getting me a quote/ finding out whether i had the money and when she could fit it in, no word as what to expect.

thecatneuterer Sat 09-Feb-13 20:03:13

Yes I've had a number of cats who have had this done at varying ages. It absolutely has to be done as the pain of entropion is appalling and, if left untreated, usually causes blindness. Your cat being older shouldn't be a problem. Your vet should do blood tests first to assess kidney function etc and tailor the anaesthia accordingly. The main problem is that it easy for the vet or over or underdo it (ie take away too much skin or not enough). If not enough then another op will be required. If too much then the cat could have problems closing the eye/blinking, which will cause even more problems. So it's important to find a vet you trust, but that's of course not easy to do. However it generally goes fine and, after the op your cat's quality of life will improve beyond all recognition. No recovery time seems to be needed and cats seem to be fine immediately afterwards (once the anaesthetic has worn off of course)

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