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Cats and scratching carpets - would the citrus smell of Sticky Stuff Remover work?

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HanneHolm Sun 27-Jan-13 12:00:46


Viviennemary Sun 27-Jan-13 12:50:21

We had a cat that scratched wallpaper and there was no way of stopping her. So it isn't easy. I've a friend who reckons you can train cats not to scratch but only from being kittens! You could try the citrus. Or try getting a scratching post but our cat wouldn't even look at the scratching post so that was a waste of time. Hope you get something sorted out.

catladycourtney1 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:04:00

Are you sure your cat isn't weeing in the same spot? When I lived at home my mum got a kitten that scratched up a corner of the carpet in the hallway, and it turned out he'd been weeing there when nobody was looking. We never noticed the smell, because his litter tray was close by anyway.

I would say definitely try a scratching post - cats do need to scratch something - spraying it with catnip spray or rubbing the leaves on it is supposed to encourage them to use it, my cats have always used them by themselves. If your cat has a certain spot she likes to sleep in, put the post nearby as cats like to use them to stretch when they wake up. My cats have scratched up the wallpaper around their litter tray (it was in a corner), but I suppose that was to be expected as they naturally scratch around when they're doing their business. A covered tray or bare walls would have avoided that.

HanneHolm Sun 27-Jan-13 14:53:55

we have a scratching post - no, no wee

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