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Anyone elses' cat turned into a more lethargic blob than ever?!

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foslady Thu 24-Jan-13 10:24:40

Probably because she's indoors more now with the snow, but she can't even be bothered to come downstairs for her breakfast unless I make a fuss! Also her pads are a VERY pale pink.........should I be worried? She seems ok in herself (she's 9 years old) so I'm just taking it that she's fed up (she has the odd energetic spurt, so I'm taking it as another sign of boredom!)

bringnbuy Thu 24-Jan-13 12:20:16

my cat sounds very similar although she does still dart downstairs when it is din din time! she sleeps/lounges around most of the day, comes alive a little more in the evening (she'll come downstairs and plonk herself on our laps) but that is it really. i too have thought about it and put it down to it being too cold to go out. i have tried to get her to go out but she puts her nose up to the cold. i often wonder how she isn't bored out of her brains but i think she is contented and seems to love the (boring) way her life is. she does come alive here and there when i use the lazer pen, usually when dh is trying to get to sleep :D she has recently been to the vet for some treatment and seems (aside from her bad teeth and a mild heart murmur) to be in tip top shape (for her). perhaps go to the vet for an mot?

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