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Old and poorly cat, vets tomorrow. Can someone tell me honestly what they may say. Just so I'm prepared.

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pepperrabbit Tue 22-Jan-13 18:46:29

My cat is nearly 15. She has hyperthyroidism, a heart murmur, one functioning kidney and a rotten tooth (with minging breath!)
She's due to have the tooth sorted on Fri and obviously will have a GA.
The problem is she has simply stopped eating over the last few days, not really drinking either and hasn't had her tablets consequently.
She doesn't seem "unwell" as such. She's quite happy, follows me around. Sleeps a lot by the radiator. I've checked for lumps, bumps cuts etc, nothing. Don't think she's grooming as much as usual but I've seen her doing a lick and a promise.
Vet suggested (on the phone today) trying her with strong smelling food and she's had maybe 4 mouthfuls of tuna tonight but not finished it.
Am I in denial thinking she'll be fine, the tooth has turned into an abcess and she needs some antibiotics and will be fine, or is there the chance this may be it?

cozietoesie Sat 26-Jan-13 16:57:08

Now that is promising news. smile

Good luck with her over the weekend.

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