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Introducing our new puss - FatCat is unimpressed :(

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kitbit Wed 16-Jan-13 23:46:19

Little puss is a year or so old, we brought her home from the rescue centre on Monday grin She's a little sweety, very soft natured.

She's been sleeping in the spare room with litter tray etc (I've been sleeping in with her blush) and tonight we swapped blankets so the cats could get a whiff of each other (Fatcat has heard her obviously, and has listened but not been sitting by the spare room door glaring at it or anything).

Little puss' reaction to the blanket was fairly noncomittal, FatCat drew back and hissed at the strange smell.

I could easily get this right and begin a 2 cat household in harmony, but I could also really get it wrong!! Wgat's next? Do I just let them meet and they'll sort it between themselves??

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 17-Jan-13 00:12:42

Have you got a Feliway. I did help me a lot when the tail less wonder arrived.

blondieminx Thu 17-Jan-13 00:50:07

Was just going to suggest Feliway.

My mate nicknamed it ambipurr grin it's like a plug in thingy of chill out cat hormones.

Cat rescue gave us the tip of putting down two bowls of tuna on first face to face meeting as well as the swap bedding thing. Seemed to work well with OldBoy and the Furry Assassin. smile

kitbit Thu 17-Jan-13 11:28:36

Like Feliway idea, 2 stoned happy furries! Will try double grub when I get home. When FatCat spotted puss this morning I gave them both some Dreamies snacks and made big fuss of both. FatCat had a bit of a hiss and I worriedthat I reinforced it with a treat rather than promoting a positive association.....but then I am prone to overthinking!!

TataClaire Thu 17-Jan-13 16:57:03

The key with cat intros is going slow, making sure there are at least 1 tray/bowl/bed or whatever resources per animal plus one and if things deteriorate go back a step. Feliway is great, as are zylkene tablets which can chill them out more. Plus make sure each cat knows where all the escape routes and hiding places are. Hope it's going well? A certain amount of fuss on either of their parts is going to be expected as cats are mostly solitary, so sharing can be pretty foreign to them, most of them time it can be done successfully, though there are cases where it may not, so be prepared! Im sure it'll be fine tho smile

kitbit Thu 17-Jan-13 19:39:42

I'm home...didn't get a chance to go out for Feliway but if they don't go ok this evening I'll go out tomorrow for some!
Puss is out of the spare room and had a good sniff round while FatCat was out. FC is now back in and has reclaimed our bed, her nose is slightly out of joint! I'll be doing 2 food bowls shortly!

I'm going in...

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