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Pair of male kittens or unrelated male/female pair?

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TryingagainN1mtb Fri 11-Jan-13 15:01:00


I have a dilemma in that the two cat rescue shelters i have been in touch with now have kittens available. One shelter has a 14 week old black female kitten that has been passed over a number of times because people don't want black cats!! Another shelter has 4 male tabbies (12 weeks) they home them in pairs. Shelter number 1 will home the black kitten on her own. Does anybody have any advice on whether I should get a pair of male kittens (brothers), the single female black kitten (on her own) or ask to take the black kitten and one of the tabby boys?! My worry is that two boys may fight for dominance (even if neutered and brothers). And if I get the unrelated female and male, they might fight anyway.

They are all very friendly and purred when i picked them up at the shelters....

Any thoughts?


GreenShadow Mon 14-Jan-13 23:09:21

I'm sure you'll love your new arrivals.

We also adopted 2 boy kittens (brothers) a few years back.

They have been neutered (condition of adopting them) and have never had any issues with serious fighting. They spend most of the time sleeping cuddled up together. They never wander now - we also have a big garden and they rarely leave it, although when they were young and first allowed out (around 6 months if I recall), one of them did disappear off somewhere a few times.

The only problem is a neighbours cat who uses our garden as a route to and from his. He was here before ours arrived and see them as interlopers. They are terrified of him and need to learn to stand up for themselves.

hellymelly Mon 14-Jan-13 23:13:00

Pair of males. I had a pair of rescue male kittens. They loved each other madly all their lives and slept together with paws entwined. When one died the other was grief stricken for quite a while though, that was the only sad bit. They were absolute darlings and when the second one died, he was buried in with his brother.

hellymelly Mon 14-Jan-13 23:13:47

Oh, hadn't read whole thread, glad you got the boys !

TryingagainN1mtb Sun 20-Jan-13 19:35:43

Just an update to say they are gorgeous and settling in very well!! They are unphased by noisy children - in fact they choose to jump onto the chair next to the children and snooze while the kids noisily play games.

No accidents at all and they seem very happy. They always sleep cuddling each other too.

Thanks for the advice bamboozled! I'd have never thought to keep them in for that long!!

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