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Just lost Thomas to anti freeze poisoning :(

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Dillie Wed 02-Jan-13 15:30:30

Had to have Thomas pts this morning.

At first I thought it was his aiha playing up, but in my heart I knew it was more serious

He was very wobbly, head shaking and incredibly thirsty. With the large amount of steroids he was on to keep his condition under control, I was warned he could go diabetic. At first I thought it was this.

When the vet examined him, she said that his breath had a distinct smell to it and this was a sign of anti freeze poisoning. I left him with them so they could run tests, and about half an hour later she phoned to tell me the bad news.

He had massive kidney failure and the prognosis was 0.

I am so gutted. Poor guy. He fought so hard to get back on track with his aiha, only to be taken like this sad

Please keep an eye out for any symptoms. There are some deliberate poisonings happening around the country at the moment, I just hope Thomas's accident was just that sad

Horsemad Wed 02-Jan-13 18:31:30

That is just so awful sad

Your poor cat, take care OP and be gentle on yourself.

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