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About to give uo !

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FlutterByeBye Sat 29-Dec-12 10:14:22

I have 3 kittens , 1 is 6 1/2 months & the size of a fully grown cat & my other 2 are brother & sister around 4 months .
I still don't have a clue how I ended up with 3 as I only wanted another to keep my first company & now I feel I am in over my head & just don't know what to do as I am a complete novice .
I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to feed them daily as in pouches or a tin between all 3 in the morning & night & some biscuits in there bowls throughout the day which they never seem to touch & what about litter trays as the little two don't go out yet & my eldest only goes out for an hour a day at the most , I clean them both out daily & change the litter every morning but it just stinks constantly & there is dirty litter all over my kitchen floor & dirty paw prints from the litter tray , One of the trays has a lid on yet they still manage to spill it everywhere and the other is deep with sides & still goes everywhere .
Any reccomendations for tray/litter & top tips or advice please & sorry for the rambling

GrumpySod Sat 29-Dec-12 11:40:42

They are probably big enough to jump in and out of a deep litter tray, like this (no more scattered litter!) You need one tray per cat, typically.

At their age I would just feed when hungry and only as much as they'll eat there and then ,you have to follow guidelines on amounts to feed when they are older.

Smell is individual, sorry, I can't much help because I don't have much sense of smell. Some litters are better than others for minimiseing odour, I have the wood pellet type litter that degrades to sawdust.

(Sympathies: I unexpectedly ended up with 3 cats, too!)

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 11:58:31

Just a thought on scattered litter. I just spread newspapers and sweep up but my Mum had a good system. She put the litter tray, in its entirety, inside a large oblong shallow box - the sort that bananas used to come in - and then any litter which was scratched out during covering up (which is usually clean) would fall in between the litter tray and the box walls thus containing it for quickly tipping back in the tray at cleaning time.

I don't think bananas come in those boxes any more but at this time of year, there will be plenty of large boxes around still in people's houses and if you could obtain one of those and cut it down in height with a sharp tool it should do admirably.

What kind of litter are you using ? It shouldn't stink like that unless you have an extraordinarily sensitive nose.

CatKitson Sat 29-Dec-12 13:26:29

As for litter trays, one per cat, plus one extra for three cats with dust free litter makes life a bit easier. You remove the wee twice a day, and the poo whenever you notice it. You do a total dump of it every 5 days to a week. World's best cat litter is good and low dust in extra strength is good. Crystal cat litter is fab at minimising smells and tracking, but mine just hate it and pee elsewhere. If yours dont mind the feel of it, its well worth it, you barely have to change it. Crystal and world's best are low dust and dont leave paw prints everywhere and are easier to clean up. Clay does go everywhere.

For now the deep kitten trays are fine. When they are bigger, covered trays with a door also helps with smell and tracking

Feeding. Two/three pouches a day per cat, kitten sized. I used to feed unlimited kibble, but am weaning mine off it. With kibble its a case of finding one they like. Mine always ate royal canin kitten dry. You could probably get away with one pouch plus unlimited good quality kibble. Mine refuse to eat out of each other's bowls. I put down a mat and they have a bowl of water each, a choice of fountain (away from the food encourages them to drink), and a bowl of wet, plus separate bowl of dry each. Mine would rather starve than eat whiskers, for instance. Its a case of finding what they like!

When you get into a routine you will barely notice you have them and they give so much joy.

You will need a cat tree too with that many cats and a couple of scratchers!

FlutterByeBye Sat 29-Dec-12 13:57:53

Thank-you & I have one of the litter trays with a lid on & somehow they manage to get footprints on the top of the roof inside hmm and they manage to spill litter out of it .
Mine will only eat whiskers even though I have tried every other I can
Thanks everybody , One last thing is there a way I can encourage my eldest to go out more ?

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