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Limited Ingredient diet or Raw food for cat - Fluffycloudland is your cat on one of these diets?

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TheIronLady Fri 28-Dec-12 10:55:01


Need some advice re above. My moggy still vomiting after eating your branded supermarket bought type of food, wet and dry, she doesn't gulp it either. Tried Tuna steaks (cooked) and she seems ok with that.

She has always been very sensitive to foods for example if she licks one of our plates (not that we let her, you understand!) or drinks cows milk, both give her diarrhea / sickness.

Now looking into either Limited ingredient wet / maybe dry as well or Raw food - does anyone have any experience with either?


cozietoesie Fri 28-Dec-12 17:26:13

This is the thread, Fluffy. (I mentioned your name because you were the only regular poster I could think of right off who had a cat with food intolerances.)

previous thread


TheIronLady Fri 28-Dec-12 17:31:56

Aww thanks cozietoesie :-)

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 28-Dec-12 18:58:02

He's on aldi £2.39 pouches. You could try applaws biscuits too.

If you do raw food you have to so careful, mincing or chopping meat destroys taurine and its fatal long term.

I stay off Bengal cat forum now because some of them think if you don't raw feed you're slowly torturing your cat. They are so hard line about it.

cozietoesie Fri 28-Dec-12 19:56:27

Was that just trial and error, Fluffy, or are Aldi good at labelling? (I've had a look at Seniorboy's Gourmet foods and the labelling isn't great, although the pouches at least make no mention of 'derivatives of vegetable origin' - whatever they may be.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 28-Dec-12 20:01:11

It was economics. I got made redundant and couldn't afford the prescription foods.

cozietoesie Fri 28-Dec-12 20:09:00

Hah! As long as it worked, though. grin

Seniorboy has me in a headlock with his particular pouches because he needs to eat his meds and has upped the ante on his food, accordingly. If it wasn't for the meds he could go whistle.

Interestingly though, he'll eat Sainsbury's and Co-op pouches in jelly and their labels don't look too bad - so they might be worth a try IronLady. (Both under £3.) Variety seems to be necessary for some cats.

Daysies Fri 28-Dec-12 21:06:24

I'm glad someone else mentioned the Applaws! Recently switched our cat to this one and he is really enjoying it. Unless I read the package wrong, and I've thrown it away now so can't check! Then it is a complete dry food? So you could feed this alongside fresh treats like chicken and tuna when affordable.

It costs around £13-14 a 2kg bag but I have found that the cat eats much smaller meals.

If you want to try a little bit to see how it goes I'd be happy to post you a little meal sized bag to try!

cozietoesie Fri 28-Dec-12 21:31:40

I can't speak for the Applaws (seniorboy being so elderly and having so few teeth left that he can't crunch) but it's sounding to me, OP, as if pouches are the way to go for you - trying them out, perhaps, with a couple of singles of each variety. The supermarkets often sell single pouches - which is an expensive way to go initially but better than wasting most of a box if they don't suit.

Most of the big supermarkets do their own brand of pouch which is significantly cheaper than the branded versions. Wouldn't surprise me if most of those own brand were the same with different labels so it might be fine to go for them.

They're still more expensive than the wet food tins but that may be because they haven't got the grain filler to which your cat is reacting.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 28-Dec-12 21:40:42

Applaws dry isn't a complete food iirc, I think they still need wet food.

Daysies Fri 28-Dec-12 21:43:44

Have to admit that even if it is a complete food our piggy cat still gets a pouch of an evening which he practically inhales straight from the packet if I'm not fast enough to the bowl!

For my own curiosity though I do need to find out whether it is, or isn't! :D

Ponders Fri 28-Dec-12 21:51:05

dunno if this has been linked to for you before OP, but zooplus has a huge range of good quality meaty wet foods

Bozita looks particularly good & not that expensive (??? haven't priced eg Whiskas & Felix, but those are mostly filler so however cheap they're not worth it)

my kittens (nearly 7 months) started out on Royal Canin kitten, wet & dry. I have recently started switching wet food & have tried Animonda, Gimpet & Schesir - they were a bit sniffy at first about all 3 but are coming round. I will try Bozita next though smile

cozietoesie Fri 28-Dec-12 21:56:59

I typed 'grain free' within that link, Ponders, and the results (while a tad epxensive) had some very good reviews from owners.

Worth a try I would have thought, OP.

baahhumbug Fri 28-Dec-12 22:02:24

I've been feeding my cats Bozita for years, they like the Rich in Chicken variety. I also give them a bowl of Vets Kitchen (by Joe Inglis from Vets in Practice tv programme) dry food too. Started this when I had a cat that was sick every day. Sadly it didn't solve the problem for her but suits all my other cats well. On Zooplus you get free delivery if you spend over £19 so I tend to ordera bag of cat litter as well.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 29-Dec-12 09:38:29

Vets kitchen has cereals in it too. I checked it out for our cat.

Bonbonchance Mon 31-Dec-12 00:29:00

I've been feeding my cat Bozita for about two months now, I get it in bulk from Zooplus and it's pennies more than Whiskas or whatever (cat is still trying to loose weight so one of the big cartons (395g?) lasts 4 days. Started to notice a change in her personality & behaviour too (more active & vocal) so it's well worth it smile

Ponders Mon 31-Dec-12 11:49:29

I ordered some Bozita from zooplus yesterday, Bonbon smile - the gravy ones - my two always lick the gravy off the Royal Canin before they eat it so I think they must like it! Hope they will like the Bozita too (I went for Shrimp & Rabbit) (not mixed wink)

zooplus seems like the best site for cat supplies, they have such a massive range, & excellent prices for most things

as baahhumbug says, delivery is free over £19 - that's with Yodel, but for an extra 50p you can have Parcelforce instead (which I prefer as more reliable - & the sorting office here is only half a mile away if I happen to miss the delivery)

Also - dunno if this is new or if I just didn't notice it before - you can pay a sub for either 1 or 3 years & get 5% discount on everything. I paid £5.90 for the 3-year one yesterday, & got £2.51 knocked off the order straight away. (1 year is £2+, can't remember exactly) It will save me a lot just on food & litter not to mention the toys

cozietoesie Mon 31-Dec-12 11:57:18

I must investigate Zooplus.

baahhumbug Mon 31-Dec-12 13:08:06

Ooh I hadn't noticed the sub at Zooplus, Ponders. Will take a look now as I'm about to order more Bozita for my boys.

Ponders Mon 31-Dec-12 13:15:23

I think it came up after I'd put a few things in the basket, baahhumbug - there was a box at top L, or across the top, or something?

baahhumbug Mon 31-Dec-12 13:44:12

Thanks Ponders, just found it and went for three years too, saved me £1.60 on an order for thirty pounds something and I will definitely be placing more than three orders in three years so will more than get my money back on that!

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