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Pregnancy nose, litter problem. Help!

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gobbin Wed 26-Dec-12 20:42:06

We use Breeder Celect from Pets at Home. Once the poo is buried there is little smell. Try a small bag and see how you get on. Made from recycled newspaper.

MrsSandyClaws Wed 26-Dec-12 12:31:31

I'm 7 months pregnant and we have two indoor cats. We were using pets at home wooden pellet litter but I started to smell it really badly. It seems to have really gone down in quality too. We have just tried one of their clay ones and it stinks worse than ever and it only went in yesterday!

Can anyone recommend a decent cheapish cat litter that contains odours or am I going to have to spend a fortune until my nose is back to normal and annoy my DH by getting him to change the litter trays more often than needed?

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