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I think my cat is missing.

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I could cry.

We've been staying at my mum in laws for a few weeks while some work is done on out house. We took our 3 cats with us. They had been totally fine until yesterday when my mils friend came round...with her 3 lurchers. Who escaped and chased the poor cats. Two of them are fine, but one has not been seen since. We have searched the house repeatedly, but nothing. And she is a big Maine coon so not that easy to miss.

I think she must have got outside. It's been pouring with rain all night, and she has never been outside.

To make matters worse, we had to move back home today. So we aren't even in the house to keep searching.

Fingers crossed you are right. These buggers are pretty bollshy - it turns it their den is in the next door neighbours garden so it's very much their territory.

Just had MIL round for a visit. I think my tongue may be bleeding...

cozietoesie Thu 27-Dec-12 09:45:31

Any news StatisticallyChallenged ?

Nothing at all sad

I have breeder friend but sadly not close enough to that area...(we all gang up and search) I am racking my brain trying to think of what else you could do.

It really does not help matters that her microchip has been passed from pillar to post. It seems to have been transferred between databases at least 3 times and nobody is admitting to having the details. I finally managed to get a couple of them to add her manually using the chip number but I just about burst in to tears on the phone before that!

Seriously, WTF is the point in microchips if they lose the details

(apologies for ranting...PMT plus lost cat is not a good combination!)

Rant away, I am glad they have added her details, I was devastated when one my Ragdolls went missing, he came back, I found him in the neighbours garden hiding inside a box, I was scared too look, he was lying down and very quiet, he was just traumatised, poor boy, he was gone for 6 days...sadly he got out again, my DC think they seen him locally on the window sill of a house, we went wandering then they forgot which house it was. I left it at that, I would prefer he was living somewhere else than the other option.

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 09:05:54

No news, I guess?

sad nothing at all.

She's been gone a week now.

happystory Sat 29-Dec-12 09:38:08

So sorry you are going thru this.Don't stress about foxes tho. We are plagued with them and our quite small cat has staring competitions with them and they back off. hope you have good news soon.

TheIronLady Sat 29-Dec-12 10:15:20

Just a thought; have you checked any nearby trees near MIL's in case she is stuck up one? is she very vocal ie is she likely to be heard?

She is VERY vocal - a typical Maine Coon with a massive meow! I think if she was close we would have heard her by now.

I have checked every under and looked up every tree I can get to near MIL's. Unfortunately she lives in an area that is pretty wild and between the river, stream, steep hills and high walls it's not an easy search.

Trying not to fret about the foxes but when I was younger a neighbour had a couple of cats killed by one. At this stage my biggest hope is that someone has at least taken her in so she is safe - and either she has traveled further than our flyers or they have just taken a shine to her.

Still avoiding my MIL too - I know she didn't do it intentionally but the polite Christmas Day chit chat was tough! I am supposed to be round there on New Years Day for dinner. The other guests are the lurcher owner and family. I feel a tummy bug coming on I think...

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 10:41:41

There should be plenty of small mammals to hunt around there, SC - so don't panic if she's gone walkabout. Maybe if we get some snow (not usually a good thing but.......) you'll see her. The weather is actually quite clement at the moment despite the rain. (She could, of course, have found a cozy berth with a fire and chicken-providing person in the neighbourhood.)

My Mum had a cat that came back of his own accord after 2 months. I'll keep hoping for you.

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 10:42:32

Crossed post. I wouldn't go on NYD. It would be too tough for you.

Oh if she can work out how to hunt she will have her pick of squirrels (every time I go out I keep thinking I have seen the tip of her tail then realizing it's a bloody grey squirrel!), mice etc.

Knowing the area you will know what I mean about it being a bugger to search - odd shaped giant gardens going up a hillside and 12ft tall walls- give me a row of terraces any day! smile

I agree re NYD. I'm still far too bloody angry!

One of our other cats is a bit out of sorts as well, the two of them used to cuddle up together and play all the time and I think he's missing the company. I keep finding him sitting behind the front door during the night, meowing quietly.

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 11:50:38

Do you open the front door when you find him meowing quietly there? (Just in case she's there?)

I do - we live about a mile away in the city centre but I check anyway. DH thinks I am bonkers!

cozietoesie Sat 29-Dec-12 12:01:10

No, you're not. Cats can travel long distances and it's better for you that at least you know if she isn't there.

StuffezLaBouche Sat 29-Dec-12 14:04:36

Read this thread with a sick feeling. I hope so, so much you find her. I don't think NYD is a good idea either, whatever problems may be caused by dodging. it. Sometimes people don't understand how much an animal can mean to you and one "it's only a cat" comment might really upset you.
Fingers crossed and best wishes for you.

That's exactly it - I think one comment like that, or a "get over it" and I would actually ruin family relations for ever more!

DH is now trying to deflect me by saying he can't be sure he didn't accidentally let her out. Except I left with him that morning and I know we waited for the door to close. I think he doesn't like me being angry at his mum. Men huh!

StuffezLaBouche Sat 29-Dec-12 14:39:16

He's probably trying to be helpful, but failing miserably.
Incidentally, I looked up Maine Coon on gumtree (eyeing up kittens I will never be able to buy!) and I think I saw your missing ad. She really is beautiful. A cat like that can't roam around for too long without some kind soul taking her in an tracing its owners. The micro chipping sounds like a real farce though, did you get that sorted?

She is a very beautiful cat actually, so hopefully she will be noticed if she is ok and pops out of the trees. The microchip companies are a farce but I think her details should now be showing on one of the biggest ones. When I burst in to tears the girl took pity and created a new record with her chip number - which thankfully my vet had been able to provide.

I will add a photo of her to my profile

BTW, if you want pretty kitten photos look up Rockoon Maine Coons - she bred one of our cats and takes lovely photos

StuffezLaBouche Sat 29-Dec-12 14:49:58

Thanks, I will have a look!
This is not very relevant but I love your nails in your picture!

Haha thank you - they're currently covered in emulsion so not so glamorous! I've added a couple of photos of my motley crew.

StuffezLaBouche Sat 29-Dec-12 15:05:48

Wow! They are amazing cats! I adore their tails. I'm going to have a nosey at that breeder's website now..
On my profile there are 2 pics of my little boy - not exactly a pedigree but he is just gorgeous anyway and full of character.

He's a cutie pie!

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